Devstream 171 Overview
Wisp Prime, Next Warframe: Kullervo, and more!
Posted On 2023-05-26 14:10:00
Devstream 171 Overview

Take a look at what’s to come in our next Duviri update -- The Seven Crimes of Kullervo! In this Devstream, we explored what to expect in this coming release, discussed future Quality of Life changes, and more. Of course, we also revealed the upcoming Wisp Prime!

Catch all the details in the full stream or read the highlights in our overview below:


- Don’t miss the Gift of the Lotus Alerts live for 24 hours after the stream! Grab your Primary Arcane Adapter and Forma Blueprint on all platforms, while you can.
- Nightwave: Nora’s Mix Vol. 4 is live on all Platforms!
- TennoCon 2023 tickets are sold out but our TennoCon Digital Pack is now available for those who want to celebrate from afar!

Wisp Prime

To everyone’s complete surprise, Wisp Prime is the next Warframe coming via Prime Access later this year. Wisp lovers can look forward to the following Prime Weapons and Accessories to compliment her new golden form:

Fulmin Prime

 Devstream 171 Overview

Gunsen Prime

 Devstream 171 Overview

Prime Motes

 Devstream 171 Overview

She is also coming with her own Prime Syandana and Operator/Drifter Suit:

The Seven Crimes of Kullervo - Coming in June!

 Devstream 171 Overview

Our next Duviri release, traditionally an “Echoes” update, felt like it needed its own name. With The Seven Crimes of Kullervo, players can expect the following:
- Kullervo, our 53rd Warframe, coming with his own Signature Shotgun and Customizations
- A new “Dungeon” Island on Duviri with a time-limited event upon launch
- Gauss Deluxe Collection
- Static Undercroft Portals
- TennoGen

...and more!

Kullervo and his Dungeon Island

We spoke about Kullervo in our last Devstream and Pablo had a little bit to share about his kit:
- Kullervo is a Melee Warframe with quite a bit of mobility
- Has AOE mechanics that are different from what we’ve shown before

As a refresher, Kullervo is also coming with his own Signature Shotgun, alternative helmet, and a Sword Skin as well.

In addition to looking incredibly cool, this Warframe also plays an important role in the world of Duviri. For those who visit Duviri during Sorrow, Anger, or Fear Spirals, Kullervo’s Dungeon island will become available to you. Players can either visit the Island as a side-objective, or experience it as an objective in your Story bounties.

Upon launch, there will be a special node available in the Duviri Star Chart where you can confront the Dungeon regardless of the current Spiral:

Devstream 171 Overview

Upon doing so, you will take on Kullervo directly as you find him in his prison. In this mini boss fight, you’ll face off against his Abilities, and a few extra bits of flair fitting for Duviri combat. Upon defeating him, we will drop a Resource that can be exchanged at Acrithis for his Blueprints!

Other Content and QOL Changes

In addition to this new island, players can expect the following changes to their Duviri Experience:

Static Undercroft Portals

Previously-locked Undercroft portals on the Duviri Landscape will become accessible to players once they have acquired 7 Decrees. Upon entering, your experience in the Undercroft will offer more challenges (i.e. more Eximus, etc.) -- but also offer great rewards in return.

Completing these Static Undercroft Portals will earn you guaranteed Duviri Arcanes, as an alternative acquisition path than the Circuit.

Teshin Cave Selection Preview

We are adding the ability to preview the Weapons and Warframes available to you in Teshin’s Cave -- but straight from your Star Chart. This should allow you to prepare your loadout to take on Duviri before you step foot into Teshin’s Cave!

 Devstream 171 Overview


Gardening is a very simple system for Warframe -- you get six plants randomly a day that you can harvest. Extractors don’t work in Duviri, so once a day you will get free resources. They grow every 20 hours, so be sure to check in on them daily to nab your goodies!

(Our personal headcanon is that the Rablit waters them for you when you’re gone, but don’t tell the team that!)

New Decrees

We are adding 10 new regular Decrees in this update, and 5 ‘Corrupted’ Decrees from the hand of Dominus Thrax himself. Here’s an example of one of these Decrees that Reb rolled on-stream, but please note it is not final:

Impatient Sacrifice: -50% Status Duration, +200% Status Chance

Other Tidbits

- Kaithe Racing is making its triumphant return!
- Somachord Tones are being added to Duviri, so you can bring the beautiful music into your orbiter!
- We are adding new puzzles to both Kullervo’s Island and elsewhere in Duviri.
- The team has sprinkled even more secrets and easter eggs throughout Duviri for those hungry for more lore.
- Two new side objectives are coming: Owl Scouting and Cave Treasure Hunting (names not final).
- A familiar face will visit you in Exterminate missions in the Undercroft following this update.
- We’re making changes to Maw Fishing to make this side objective a little easier, following community feedback.

New Custmizations

Gauss Deluxe

As previously revealed on Devstream 170, Gauss’ deluxe skin is coming with the 7 Crimes of Kullervo update. Look for this Hermes-inspired skin, with custom Acceltra Skin, Syandana, and Kaithe Cosmetics as well!

Drifter Orizu Suit

Look for the new Origami-inspired Drifter Suit coming in this update as well:


We’re also releasing another batch of TennoGen with this update, featuring some incredible community artists. Check out our official Forum Post for more info.

 Devstream 171 Overview

 Devstream 171 Overview

Other Tidbits

Here’s some other information dropped during the stream that doesn’t quite fit into the categories above:

- An official Warframe Art Book is in the works!
- Nothing to share about Cross-Save at this time but it is still being worked on.
- Soma’s Incarnon is being looked into following community feedback.
- We intend to ship more Incarnons.