Devstream 169 Overview
10 Year Anniversary Retrospective!
Posted On 2023-03-22 14:08:00
Devstream 169 Overview

Tenno - it has officially been ten years since Warframe launched! In celebration of this incredible anniversary, Devstream 169 is both a showcase of some new content to expect with Duviri, but also a retrospective on everything we’ve tried and learned with Warframe over the past decade.

Catch the full shenanigans on our YouTube channel, or get a curated look at what was discussed and revealed in our overview below:


Devstream 169 Overview

- TennoCon 2023 is happening on August 26 in London, Ontario -- and tickets officially go on sale on April 5th at 2 p.m. ET! Learn more at We hope to see you there, Tenno!
- Gift of the Lotus Alerts are live for 24 hours after the stream! Don’t miss your chance at an Orokin Reactor and Orokin Catalyst.
- We’re hosting an /r/Warframe AMA in April before the Duviri Paradox launches. Keep an eye out for the official date!

Devstream 169 Overview

Ten Year Anniversary Celebrations

It has been officially Ten years of Warframe, and we are so thankful for every Tenno who has been a part of this journey. In honor of this momentous anniversary, we’re celebrating all the way from March to August, culminating with TennoCon!

To kick off the celebrations, players can expect the usual Anniversary Alerts and Boosters, starting on March 24th! For a full look at the event schedule, visit

In addition to the return of familiar Dex items, you can also look forward to the new Dex Drifter Suit, releasing closer to TennoCon!

Devstream 169 Overview

Duviri Sneak Peeks

Mounted Dax

Devstream 168 showed you many Duviri units, but the Mounted Dax was not one of them! Here’s a look at another foe you may encounter in your daily Duviri missions:

Of course, there are multiple ways to take on a problem -- we’ll see how you approach it in Duviri, Tenno.

Orowyrm Fight

We have mentioned the fabled Orowyrm fight in the past -- here is a sneak preview of what players can expect.

Soulframe Tease

Soulframe is very much in development, but we can’t have the old Devstream crew on and not show what they’re working on! They mentioned that it’s not really recommended to show gameplay this early, but we did it anyway:

Expect to see more of Soulframe at TennoCon this year in August!

Ten Year Retrospective

Below is less of an overview on what to expect with Warframe, and instead a look back at what the past 10 years have held! Let’s go on this nostalgia trip together, Tenno.


We love stats! No matter how you choose to play, you have done your part to make these numbers as big as possible!

Devstream 169 Overview
Forma Crafted: 213,022,601
- Aura Forma Crafted: 721,107
- Stance Forma Crafted: 274,318
- Umbra Forma Crafted: 1,401,519

Devstream 169 Overview
Number of Kubrow Eggs Picked Up: 32,846,244
(I’m sure you’ve all incubated and kept every single one of them -- right?)

Devstream 169 Overview
How many Ducats given to Baro: 30,502,075,210

Devstream 169 Overview
Total number of Shots fired: 5,600,982,403,829
- Total number of Headshots: 80,006,256,499

Devstream 169 Overview
Total number of Codex/Simaris Scans: 11,239,572,735
(Simaris would be so proud!)

Devstream 169 Overview
Total Number of Enemies Slain:
- Grineer: 474,817,456,048
- Infested: 280,239,708,567
- Corpus: 303,951,534,530
- Sentient: 442,761,028

Devstream 169 Overview
Total number of Gifts given: 16,204,552

Highlight Reels

Below are a variety of videos showing the progression of Warframe over the years! It’s kinda like looking at baby pictures, but moving!

Animation Highlight Reel

Gameplay Supercut

Update Keyart Supercut

Nostalgic Highlight

This video below is a larger section of the stream specifically dedicated to the team reminiscing and offering insights into how Warframe’s development has grown over the years:

Community Questions:

While reminiscing, Megan prepared a few questions for the team as well -- let’s take a look at some of their answers!

What was the scariest update you guys had to release?
- Reb: Every update ever!
- Geoff: Second Dream.
- Sheldon: Update 13 (Note: there were no birds added in this one so we're not 100% sure why he was so scared!)

Will there ever be a Legacy Version of Warframe to play?
- Reb: No.
- Geoff: It’s hard to say what exact iteration of the game would be considered a “legacy version”.

Hopes and dreams for the next 10 years:
- Reb: Survive Duviri.