Devstream 168 Overview
Everything Duviri!
Posted On 2023-03-03 18:26:00
Devstream 168 Overview

It’s time to take a deeper dive into everything Duviri! Join our team as we showcase what’s to come for our April 2023 release -- plus, learn about Hildryn Prime, our TennoCon date, new TennoGen, and more.

Our full stream is available if you’d like a thorough look at everything revealed, but we’ve highlighted the best bits for you in our overview below!


Gift of the Lotus Alerts are live for 24 hours after the stream! Log in and grab your Forma and Amp Arcane Adapter before it’s too late.
Citrine’s Files are now available for TennoGen. We can’t wait to see your creations!

TennoCon 2023

 Devstream 168 Overview
TennoCon 2023 is happening IN-PERSON ON AUGUST 26th! We invite you to join us in London, Ontario at RBC Place London for a day of community and celebration.

We will have information soon on when you can plan ahead to purchase tickets.

Hildryn Prime - Coming March 15!

 Devstream 168 Overview

Our stalwart shield maiden is officially being Primed! On March 15, you can expand your Arsenal with the release of Hildryn Prime, along with:
- Larkspur Prime
- Shade Prime Sentinel + Burst Laser Prime
- Heimt Prime Sentinel Accessories
- Surator Prime Syandana

THE DUVIRI PARADOX - Coming April, 2023

The Durivi Paradox is a new way to experience Warframe, whether you’re a new player or an established one. Live the Paradox and follow Drifter’s path through Duviri under the influence of Dominus Thrax.

New Tenno can start the Duviri Paradox Quest upon downloading the game, and existing Tenno can start the Quest in their codex regardless of their progress -- either way, Duviri exists as an alternative adventure in your Warframe journey.

Master your Drifter, and death, as you navigate Dominus Thrax’s moods and find a way to wrest free of his control.


 Devstream 168 Overview

Once you have completed the Duviri Paradox Quest, players will be able to revisit Duviri and attempt to reduce Dominus Thrax’s influence on the world. Depending on the Mad King’s mood, the landscape and the enemies within it will be altered, and so will your experience as a player. Thrax’s mood shifts every two hours, which causes a new cycle of the story, and how you interact with it.

Similar to other Open World Bounties, players will be given a series of tasks through a guided story, with procedural narration. You’ll also be able to explore a variety of side objectives, like Maw Fishing, Conservation, Komi, Shepherding, and more. Depending on your goals for your gameplay session, you’ll have three different ways to experience the open landscape:
- The Duviri Experience (Story and side objectives together!)
- The Lone Story (No side activities - only story.)
- The Circuit (Warframe-only Mode in the Undercroft)

Your Duviri session is unique to you and your squad, with randomness and insane power levels!


Before you venture into Duviri, you’ll start in a place of safety: Teshin’s Cave! This area can be accessed via your Dormizone, or from the Star Chart. Here, you will prepare your Drifter and your Warframe loadout to take on what Thrax has in store for you.


While your progress in Duviri resets every mood cycle, your Intrinsics are a means of permanent improvement for your Drifter. Invest in four different categories to upgrade and influence your experience: Combat, Riding, Opportunity, and Endurance!


Your Drifter’s trusty steed deserves as much customization and love as the rest of Warframe. Here you can pick between different Kaithe Skins, colours, and cosmetics, and even grace them with a distinguished name -- like Stephen!

Drifter Melee

Your Drifter in Duviri is a very different one than the Drifter you may use on the core path of Warframe. As a result, they have access to a very different set of tools: Melee Weapons.

Arm yourself from a variety of options to take on whatever is waiting for you beyond the cave!

Selecting your Loadout

Before you venture onwards, you’ve been offered assistance from beyond the veil of Duviri -- Warframes. To start, you’ll have access to 3 Randomized Warframes (up to 5 total after investing in Intrinsics) that you can pick from to take with you on your journey. You may already own these Warframes, or you may not --regardless, you will be able to customize them before moving on, or you can make use of a build prepared for you in advance.

But it doesn’t just stop at Warframes -- you’ll also have a small selection of Weapons to pick from to complete your loadout.


Once your loadout is sorted, it’s time to experience Duviri itself. Depending on whether you picked the Lone Story or the Duviri Experience, what you’ll have access to will change slightly.

As mentioned above, your main bounty-like objectives will be delivered in a guided story, from some new and interesting faces that you will meet upon release. Unlike regular Bounties, these are designed to have little travel time between objectives, so you’ll be exposed to smaller sections of Duviri at a time. The more mood cycles you play through, the more of Duviri you will get to see (unless you choose to go off and explore yourself, of course!).

In your quest, you will come across many new foes, and will be given unique boons to aid you in your battles. The combat cycle will be quite different from what you’re used to in core Warframe, focused on smaller groups and parrying, but with an extra twist with the help of Decrees.


As you progress through the Story for the day, you will unlock Decrees! These Decrees are randomized upgrades that will reset with each mood cycle.

The benefits you earn from Decrees will apply to both your Warframe and your Drifter, where applicable, so choose wisely!

Side Objectives

Outside of the Story, you’ll also have side objectives to explore should you wish!

Maw Fishing
Our Drifter on Duviri is a crafty fellow, and has found different ways to conquer the wildlife outside of those found in other Open Zones. For Maw Fishing, you will do quite literally what the name implies: embody a Maw, and hunt down the fish in the water yourself:


Similarly, Conservation will have an unusual twist on Duviri. In lieu of capturing animals, your focus will be on cleaning them from their Void-touched form. Should you do so, they may lead you to a reward as thanks!

Other Objectives Mentioned
- Komi
- Shawzin Playing
- Shepherding
And more!

Other Things of Note:

There are Towers spread across Duviri that will offer healing to your Drifter, should you need it.
Gardening will become available in your Dormizone in a future Duviri content release.


In addition to Duviri, there are other ways to impact Dominus Thrax’s influence on the world: through the Undercroft. This can be accessed through portals on Duviri, or via The Circuit option in your Duviri Navigation.

Here, you’ll make full use of your Warframe to take on foes, and still have the benefit of your Drifter’s Decrees. Your time in the Undercroft for your Duviri missions will be short, but The Circuit will give you access to an endless form of the Undercroft.

With The Circuit, you’ll play through a variety of endless missions one rotation at a time: 5 minutes of survival followed by 5 waves of defense, and so on. Players will still be able to unlock Decrees to impact their gameplay in The Circuit, and Steel Path versions of this mission will earn you Incarnon Adapters for our new Incarnon Genesis system.


 Devstream 168 Overview

Our Incarnon System introduced with Angels of the Zariman has offered players new ways to interact with their Arsenal. We want to expand that customization even further, with the new Incarnon Genesis System.

A selection of weapons will be able to become Incarnon with the Duviri Paradox, with the use of Incarnon Adapters. In the Devstream, we showcased the Paris, Braton, Lato, Skana, and Kunai as some of the gear that will be Incarnon compatible (including their variants).

If you’re familiar with the Incarnon system, this should be no different: once you’ve installed an Incarnon Adapter on an eligible weapon, you’ll be able to unlock improvements via Cavelero on the Zariman, and activate unique Incarnon forms for it in-mission!

Here’s a look at the Lato in action:

Incarnon Adapters will be available via the Steel Path Circuit missions on Duviri, since this system is intended for more experienced Tenno.

New Cosmetics

Drifter Cosmetics

Drifter Beards!

Your Drifter may have access to new melee weapons, but they’re still looking for that razor! With that in mind, you’ll be able to customize your Drifter with new facial hair options:

 Devstream 168 Overview
 Devstream 168 Overview

New Drifter Suits + Idle Animations

Below is a showcase of some new Drifter Suits players can look forward to with the Duviri Paradox!

 Devstream 168 Overview
 Devstream 168 Overview
 Devstream 168 Overview
 Devstream 168 Overview
 Devstream 168 Overview

At the end of the clip above, you’ll also get a sneak peek at our first-ever Drifter Idle animations, to add a bit of extra flair to your loadout!

Existing Suits Update

For the Bishamo set specifically, players will be able to equip either version of the Suit on both their Operator and Drifter, regardless of your character’s body type.

Community-Concepted Deluxe Skins

Baruuk Doan Skin

 Devstream 168 Overview
We showed off this amazing concept by community artist tbgkaru at TennoCon 2021, and we officially have an in-game model to show off!

You can expect Baruuk’s Deluxe, a custom Sparring Weapon Skin, and a Syandana with the Durivi Paradox update in April!

Wisp Deluxe Skin

 Devstream 168 Overview
Speaking of community-concepted skins, we’re thrilled to show off this incredible Wisp Deluxe Concept by community artist UndergroundWubWubMaster!

Not only is Wisp getting the Deluxe treatment, but so are her Motes!
 Devstream 168 Overview

This Skin will also be coming with a custom Syandana and Fulmin Skin:
 Devstream 168 Overview
 Devstream 168 Overview

As with Baruuk, Wisp players can look toward her skin in the Duviri Paradox!

New TennoGen Items

If you missed our announcement last year, we have removed TennoGen Deadlines and are reviewing pieces on a monthly basis. Thank you all for your patience as the team transitions to this new system -- with all of the hard work behind the scenes by our TennoGen artists, we are ready to showcase the current list of accepted items!

The goal is to release these items in smaller batches across future updates -- the first will come with 6 items in the Duviri Paradox. You can view our TennoGen Acceptance Thread for an updated look at what is accepted and when to expect it.

- Katix Ear Accessory by lex182 & cedd00
- Nekros Ausirylyst alt helmet by LostEpoch
- Alocana Syandana by blazingcobalt
- Retrorolyst Syandana by Erneix & edwino22
- Krtrima Chest Armor by kakarrot2812
- Krtrima Leg Armor by kakarrot2812
- Krtrima Shoulder Armor by kakarrot2812
- Krtrima Nikana Skin by kakarrot2812
- Zhivira Shoulder Armor by blazingcobalt
- Vikasa Aegis Chest Armor by blazingcobalt
- Gauss Nitrolyst skin & alt helmet by Goosmo
- Caliban Scion alt helmet by LostEpoch
- Xaku Deathea skin & alt helmet by kakarrot2812
- Herulyst Liset Skin by LostEpoch
- Batomorpha Yareli Alt Helmet by Ventralhound
- Kuva Pump Chest Armor by CERF
- Mantis Vammatar by Ventralhound

New Voidshell Skins

Players can look forward to two new Voidshell Skins, also coming with Duviri!

Mesa Voidshell Skin

 Devstream 168 Overview
Coming with her own Eris Surface Material Structure!

Limbo Voidshell Skin

 Devstream 168 Overview
Coming with his own Lotus Pattern Material Structure!