Devstream 167 Overview
A look at our February Update, and news about Duviri
Posted On 2023-01-27 17:44:00
Devstream 167 Overview

We’re back for our first Devstream of 2023, featuring a look at our plans for the year! Learn the latest about the Duviri Paradox, our upcoming Citrine’s Last Wish update, and more in our kickoff to 2023!

As always, you can watch the full stream on our YouTube channel, or catch the recap below:


- Gift of the Lotus Alerts are live for 24 hours after the stream! Log in and grab your Orokin Reactor Blueprint and Orokin Catalyst Blueprint before it’s too late.
- We’re celebrating 10 Years of Warframe in 2023! Our official anniversary is on March 25, so you can expect some exciting news leading up to that date.
- Our 2022 Stats site is live! Visit for a look at Warframe and weapon usage stats!

Duviri Paradox

Our intention was to do a Duviri Devstream in January, but simply put, we wanted more time. Players can expect a full overview of what to expect in a February Devstream, but we can offer a preview of what Tenno can expect:

 Devstream 167 Overview

A keen eyed player may infer that this is a view of caves below Duviri, which may offer insight into the truth into Duviri as you explore.

 Devstream 167 Overview

Duviri is our priority for the start of the year, but we want to take our time to execute on this one-of-a-kind Warframe update. For those itching to learn more, we’ll see you in our February Devstream!

Cross Save / Cross Play Updates

Cross Save is being worked on, but we have no concrete timeline to share at this time. Here’s a look at what we’re internally focusing on this year in regards to Cross Save and Cross Play:

Cross Play / Cross Save - What We’re Working On
- Solving Clan Tech
- What trading is going to look like
- And much more!

Expect updates on future Devstreams as we have them.

Star Days Returns

 Devstream 167 Overview

Ticker is back to spread the love on February 1st! With this event’s return, visit Fortuna to earn these new festive items:

- Star Days Gyre Glyph
- Star Days Kavat Glyph
- Star Days Ticker Glyph
- Left Hand of Eros*
- Right Hand of Eros*

*Two halves make a whole. Perform this emote with another Tenno’s Emote to form a heart:

Debt Bonds are Ticker’s currency of choice so stock up now if you’re looking to get any of these limited time items!

February Update: Citrine’s Last Wish

Coming in February 2023, players can expect classic Warframe update featuring a new Warframe and new Defense variant. Citrine’s Last Wish will bring Citrine, our 52nd Warframe, and Mirror Defense -- plus a tale of love and loss that plays out through the variant game mode.

While there is no explicit Quest in this update, players will be woven into a tale that features some old beloved characters as well.

New Mission - Mirror Defense

 Devstream 167 Overview

Defense mission with a Twist! Visit Tyana Pass on Mars after completing the Heart of Deimos to access Mirror Defense, and you may have the chance to revisit an old favorite tileset: Xini!

By playing Mirror Defense, you can earn blueprints for Citrine and her signature weapons, but you’ll also earn a currency for a familiar vendor on Deimos. Similar to Lua’s Prey, we are adding the ability to purchase update-specific Blueprints from Otak in addition to the usual drop table acquisition.

New Warframe - Citrine

 Devstream 167 Overview

Citrine is a crystal-themed Warframe with a lean towards supporting her team. We won’t share too much about her kit, but let’s take a look at her design and animations:

Original Concept

 Devstream 167 Overview

In-Game Model

 Devstream 167 Overview

 Devstream 167 Overview

 Devstream 167 Overview

Noble Animations

Pay no attention to the female Loki -- focus only on the animations themselves.

Alternative Helmet

 Devstream 167 Overview

Prex Card WIP
This Prex Card is not final, but you can see a bit of Eric’s progress on it and where he drew inspiration! Citrine will not be coming with a Leverian, players will be able to obtain this from Otak instead.

 Devstream 167 Overview

Signature Weapons

Citrine is coming with two signature weapons, which we’ll go over below. These can be obtained from Mirror Defense or via Otak in exchange for the Mirror Defense currency.

Heavy Attacks briefly transform the Corufell to allow for a charged blast to enemies at range. After the blast, the Corufell returns to its Heavy Scythe state. Its transformation is fastest in Citrine’s hands.

An energy projectile bursts forth from the Steflos and grows as it rushes toward enemies. The projectile's duration increases when it hits an enemy. When Citrine fires the Steflos, its projectile speed increases.

Other Content to Expect

New Warframe Augments

Gara Shattered Lash
SHATTERED STORM: When Gara breaks her Mass Vitrify ring with Shattered Lash, enemies struck by the glass suffer Splinter Storm at a percentage Strength.

- Bonus Gara Change: Players will now be able to break their Mass Vitrify from both the interior and exterior of the ring. This is not reliant on the Augment, this is a quality of life change for Gara players coming in Citrine’s Last Wish.

Gyre Cathode Grace
CATHODE CURRENT: A shock releases when Gyre eliminates an enemy while Cathode Grace is active. The shock has bonus strength from Rotorswell and its duration extends by the same amount.

Revenant Mesmer Skin
MESMER SHIELD: Revenant receives Mesmer Skin Strength and nearby allies are granted Mesmer Skin stacks.

Yareli Merulina
MERULINA GUARDIAN: Enemies affected by Sea Snares heal Merulina for a percentage of their health. Upon healing, gain Reload Speed and Fire Rate on Secondary weapons for a duration.

New Arcanes

Tenno can look for 2 new Warframe Arcanes, 1 Primary Arcane, and 1 Secondary Arcane with Citrine’s Last Wish! These will be obtained via the Mirror Defense mission, or can be earned from Otak in exchange for the new currency.

New Cosmetics

Rhino Deathwatch Skin
Community Codpiece Detectives were on the scene, deciphering that our Devstream teaser image was of Rhino! To those who spent hours comparing codpieces, we salute you.

Introducing: the Rhino Deathwatch Skin!

Full of Beetle Inspiration, this Deluxe Skin comes with custom Deluxe Noble and Idle animations. You can see some special shader work to accommodate the shiny, iridescent look of his carapace! Additionally, his Wings are an auxiliary attachment that can be removed if desired.

Here’s a look at the original concept as well:

 Devstream 167 Overview

Ember Voidshell Skin

Coming with a new material inspired by burnt wood: Phenaureus Bark!

Prex Cards

Eric Vedder, the master of the Prex, showcased a lot of the Prex Cards he has been working on. If you’d like to see a larger discussion of the art process, you can watch the segment at this YouTube Timestamp!

 Devstream 167 Overview

 Devstream 167 Overview

Drifter Visage Inks

Designed by Liger, we are adding the ability to add a little extra flair to your Drifter! Tenno will be able to adjust custom placement, scale, and colours of many (but not all) of these Inks.

Citrine’s Last Wish QOL

 Devstream 167 Overview

Tauforged Shard Pity System Changes

The quest for Tauforged Shards is one that many Archon Hunters are aware of, and we have heard the community’s feedback on this matter. Archon Shards earned via Hunts have a 20% chance of being Tauforged, but that percentage chance will now increase each week you do not receive a Tauforged Shard.

For every Hunt you complete that doesn't earn you a regular Tauforged Shard, the percent chance to earn one in your next hunt will be increased by 20%, up to 100% total. Once you have received a Tauforged Shard from a hunt, the base chance will return to 20% and the cycle will continue.

Ex: If you earn a regular Shard on week 1, week’s 2 probability of Tauforged will increase to 40%. Should you not earn a Tauforged Shard on week 2, you’ll have a 60% chance in week 3, and so on. Once you’ve received a Tauforged Shard, your chance will revert to 20% in the following week.

This percentage change will be individual, per-player -- it will not affect your squadmates. The overall intention of this change is to ensure that all Tenno will have a guaranteed chance to earn Tauforged Shards with repeated hunts!

Tech Improvements

Open World Lighting
We’ve improved encoding of material data in the enhanced renderer, making the reflections intensity match the lighting environment better.

 Devstream 167 Overview

Cloth Smoothing Tech
We’ve made improvements to our Cloth Smoothing Tech to reduce cloth jitter -- which is basically when cloth snaps weirdly, as often seen on Drifter or Syandanas.

 Devstream 167 Overview

Cold Status Effect Buffs

Cold has traditionally been one of the lesser-valued Statuses within the community, as its effect on foes may not be as noticeable compared to others. As a result, we’ve decided to buff it!

- Increased base Slow from 25% to 50%
- Max stacks reduced from from 10 to 8
- Final Result is the Max Slow increasing from 70% to 85%


As a refresher, we launched our iOS Closed Beta Test back in December 2022, and we’ve had up to 10,000 players join us to playtest Warframe on this new platform! Thank you to every Tenno who has participated thus far.

Our Beta will be continuing through the spring, so if you’d like to participate, you can apply here:

In the coming months we’ll be unlocking content like additional planets, quests, Railjack, and more. The goal is having the iOS version on par with PC when the Closed Beta ends from a content perspective, and we’re thrilled to be able to speed up our release schedule for updates & content unlocks because it’s been going so smoothly.