Devstream 165 Overview
Learn about Lua’s Prey, Duviri News, and the rest of our plans for 2022!
Posted On 2022-10-28 18:41:00
Devstream 165 Overview

We’re back with Devstream 165, and a look at what’s to come in Warframe for the rest of 2022. Join Rebecca (visiting from her moving castle), Megan (some sort of Starbucks anime character), Eric Vedder (self-titled “Gray-tos” from God of War) and Sheldon (the QTCC guy) on this halloweeny stream to learn about Lua’s Prey, the state of Duviri, and more!

You can watch the full stream on our YouTube channel, or read the highlights down below:


Gift of the Lotus Alerts are live on all platforms for 24 hours after the stream. Grab your very own Secondary Arcane Adapter and Exilus Weapon Adapter while you still can!
Valkyr and Saryn Prime will be available via Prime Resurgence starting November 3.
Movember is returning on November 1st, so prepare for the moustache invasion next week.

Quest to Conquer Cancer

We’re wrapping up our Quest to Conquer Cancer campaign on Oct 31 at 10am for a full day of fundraising shenanigans on-stream! As of the end of our Devstream, the Warframe community has collectively raised over $95,000 for the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.

Thank you all, Tenno! We truly could not have done this without you.

Cross Platform Play and Cross Save

Our Xbox and PC crossplay test has been live since October 6th and we’re seeing progress to expand to other platforms. Thank you everyone who has participated thus far! Expanding our crossplay capabilities to our Switch and Playstation Tenno is a huge priority for us that we’re working every day and we expect to do more surprise testing sessions in the future.

As a refresher, we are looking into Cross Save for 2023. Our priority is nailing down Cross Platform Play first for all Tenno, and then we’ll go from there.

Echoes of Veilbreaker - Coming Nov 2nd!

 Devstream 165 Overview

Following our “Echoes” update trend, this release includes some additional content, changes, and fixes related to the Veilbreaker update -- coming on all platforms!

Break Narmer Changes

Ven’kra Tel and Sprag

The Ven’kra Tel and Sprag that you know and love in Void Sabotage will not be changing, but a new version of them will await you in Break Narmer Missions. These will not be new final battles, but instead an optional additional challenge for you to take on should you wish.

Ven’kra Tel can be found in the ‘Prison Break’ mission, while Sprag is hiding out in the ‘Junk Run’ mission.

Their weapon skins can be procured from the in-game Market. Flatten your enemies with the Renok Hammer Skin and take vicious, clean, and precise shots with the Avex Sniper Skin.

Challenge Quality of Life

As previously mentioned, we are changing Break Narmer Challenges to have progress persist between mission runs, rather than being reset for incomplete challenges.

The Break Narmer mission progress screen will now show your challenge progress as well!

Additionally, we are ensuring that collection or finding challenges will spawn extra versions of those items in mission -- so if you need to find 5 Genestamps, 7 will spawn, etc.

Kahl’s Garrison Fast Travel

Added a Fast Travel option in the Pause menu to get to Kahl’s Garrison while in the Drifter Camp. Previously this was accessed within the Profile option - now it’s better exposed for quick access!

New Cosmetics

Styanax Gerousic Helmet

This new helmet can be purchased in the Market or will be available via the coming Nightwave: Nora’s Mix Vol. 3 Series later this year!

These Ephemeras will be available via Chipper’s Offerings, and will dynamically update based on the Archon Shards you have installed in your Warframe.

Shard Hex Ephemera
You can customize the colour of the one impaled in your chest (ouchie) but the ones that float around you will reflect those installed in your Warframe.

Shard Bane Ephemera
The Shards will take the colour of your equipped Shards, but players will be able to change the colour of the smoky FX of this Ephemera.

Other Tidbits

We’re adding a Captura button located in Kahl’s Arsenal that will allow you to bring Kahl into an owned Captura scene for a photoshoot.
Captura Settings background will now be set to 80% alpha when mouse is in the settings list, 40% when not.
Captura Grain setting now indicates that it requires Film Grain to be enabled.
Fixed changing Fade for cameras in Captura mode not saving upon exiting the camera's setting.
Fixed Kompressa’s additional bubbles (after the first 4) not exploding with radial damage as intended when modded with Multishot.
Our Initiate pack is getting a refresh to include Ember, Nikana, Phoenix Helmet, Essential Heat Mods and more!
Fixed the ‘Dual-Mode Chamber’ and ‘Mounting Momentum’ Felarx Evolution III perks not working. (for console players)

Duviri Release Date Change

 Devstream 165 Overview
At TennoCon we said to expect Duviri in Winter of 2022. As we get closer to that date and continue to work on this update, it’s simply not in a place where we’d feel comfortable releasing it at that time. So, we are moving this update to 2023. We expect to have a Duviri-focused Devstream in January, and we are beyond excited to talk to you about this new variation of an open world Warframe update.

We’re trying a lot of new things and that takes time to do properly, so we appreciate your patience here.

BUT -- we still have an end of the year update planned for you. The Wolf-themed Warframe is being pulled from the Duviri manifest and will be coming in our new Winter release: Lua’s Prey!

Lua’s Prey - Coming Winter 2022!

 Devstream 165 Overview

Wolf-Themed Warframe - Voruna

Introducing VORUNA! A mixture of the Design Council submissions and Community-wide voting, we have the final name, originally submitted by Orabell in the Design Council. More importantly, we have a work-in-progress look at her model:
 Devstream 165 Overview

As an homage to the awesome submissions from the community, her companion heads are named runner-ups in the community poll (with slight tweaks to be more gender-neutral): Raksh, Dynar, Lycath, Ulfrun.

You can see the work-in-progress version of these heads below:
 Devstream 165 Overview

While we didn’t share full details on her kit, the team did mention that each head will inspire an Ability, and that her passive will change depending on what companion head you’ve chosen to bring with you.

Voruna will be coming with their own Leverian, and her own signature weapons!

An axe:
 Devstream 165 Overview

And an energy sniper rifle:
 Devstream 165 Overview

The lore behind Voruna and her companions will explored further in Leverian, but the team had this beautiful art work to share:
 Devstream 165 Overview

Finally, for acquisition, players will be able to get her as rewards from the new Conjunction Survival mission being introduced with Lua’s Prey. Let’s get into it below!

New Gamemode: Conjunction Survival

Lua’s available nodes are being expanded to include the new Conjunction Survival mode. This is a Survival variant that brings new challenges to the Tenno, and also offers new ways to engage with the Lua Tileset.

As you may preview in the clip below, players will be able to use their Necramech in these Missions for a gameplay reason. Additionally, every 5 minutes, a variant of familiar foe from the Zariman will spawn (not Angels) that will cause your Life Support to drain twice as fast while they are alive.

Tenno may come across a new Masterpiece tile that will offer more lore and explain some of the strange visual effects you’ll be seeing in this mission. The black and white zones seen in the clip above will give buffs, but we won’t share what just yet!

There will be two tiers of Conjunction Survival available, with the acquisition rate of new items like Voruna’s blueprints becoming better in the higher level version.

Nightwave: Nora’s Mix Vol. 3

The next Nightwave Series will be launching with Lua’s Prey. As part of Nora’s rewards, she’s introducing some new Cred Offerings: Protokol Skins!

If you’ve been a Digital Extremes fan for a while, you might recognize where these are from.

Additionally, a new Necramech Skin will be available as a Series reward as well.
 Devstream 165 Overview

Xaku Deluxe and Lotus Skin

Xaku’s Deluxe Skin will also be arriving in this update. Here’s a look at a work-in-progress shot of this skin in its Vast Untime and normal form:
 Devstream 165 Overview

Additionally, if you know you know, there is a Lotus Skin coming designed by the amazing Liger Inuzuka (the same person who designed the Xaku Deluxe). Here’s a look at progress on that.
 Devstream 165 Overview

On the note of Deluxe Skins, the final Deluxe that we need to catch up on is Baruuk. We intend to show new Deluxe concepts once they’re closer to being released, so the community doesn’t quite have to wait as long. Let’s see how long the Devstream crew can hold out on that promise.

Other Content Coming

Yareli Changes

Yareli’s kit is getting some changes to make her feel more fluid and overall feel better to play.

Passive: We’re adding one second of forgiveness before her Critical Flow buff is removed if you stop moving. Even someone like Yareli can’t be on the go every second of the day!

Sea Snares:: Captured enemies take double damage while in the snare, similar to Nezha’s ring!

Merulina: Your Warframe will remain on Merulina if you go into your Operator. This functionality has been expanded to K-Drives as well.

Riptide: This ability now works in two stages: the initial cast will suck the enemies into the Riptide, and a second cast will cause the Riptide to explode.

Self-Damage Prototype

We’ve discussed bringing back Self Damage in previous Devstreams, but now we have some prototypes to share! The intentions of these changes are to a) keep the gameplay loop interesting and balanced, b) ensure there is some risk/reward when using high-impact AOE weapons and c) re-introduce the possibility of players doing damage to themselves but not kill their Warframe.

This Self-Damage prototype will do a maximum self-damage of 75%, but will be reduced to 50% in the case of direct hits (i.e. if a foe or a teammate run in front of you mid-shot), and a further 25% at max distance. This damage will bypass shield-gating but will not apply to multishot projectiles (like those of the Bramma). We are also reducing the range where self-damage will be triggered, so you can still tactically kill enemies around you without causing yourself harm.

This video below showcases these changes in action:

With the reintroduction of Self-Damage, Self-Stagger will be removed as well!

Expect a full Developer Workshop with more information on Self-Damage once we get closer to its release!

New Voidshell Skins

More Voidshell skins are coming!

 Devstream 165 Overview

Mag and Frost

Other Tidbits

TennoGen Deadline Removal

Our TennoGen Program is changing to remove Round Deadlines, with the aim of increasing overall turnaround from submission to acceptance for artists. Full details on how this works are outlined in our forum thread.

Removal of Classic Renderer

We are working on the future removal of our classic renderer to a) simplify the work on our team (two renderers is more work than one!) and b) to ensure that all Tenno see the same world and details. Currently there is in-game that is only available in our Enhanced Renderer, such as decals on the wall, possible tattoos or facial hair on certain characters, etc., and we want to be able to invest in these systems and designs that work for all players.

There is a dedicated team doing work to ensure that our new Enhanced Renderer will work on last-gen consoles before we even look to retire our Classic version. Those of you on less powerful equipment, we hear your immediate concerns, and we want to ensure this roll-out considers your gear in the equation.