Devstream 159 Overview
A look at our plans for 2022!
Posted On 2022-01-28 18:36:00
Devstream 159 Overview

Our first Devstream of 2022 has come and gone, featuring a look back at The New War Quest, and a preview of what Tenno can expect in our post-New War world. For more details on the Lich & Sister of Parvos duplicate weapon changes, what to expect in our next Angels of the Zariman update, and more -- keep on reading!

This Devstream Overview will not contain spoilers for the New War, so if you’d like to see more reflections on the team’s experience making this Quest, you can listen here.


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- TennoCon 2022 is officially a digital event. Expect more news later this year.
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Important Questions

Before we dig deeper into the Devstream reveals, there are a few burning questions from the community that deserve a spot right at the top!

1. Cross-play and cross-save are in progress. This is a technical behemoth that we are actively working on but we will update you when we have more concrete details to share.
2. Characters from Act 1 of The New War may be making a re-appearance in the future!
3. Archons will be returning as a threat. (if you know, you know)

Echoes of War Update - Releasing Feb 9th!

 Devstream 159 Overview

In the coming weeks, Tenno can expect the first update of the year, featuring some quality of life changes, new Augments, and new cosmetics! Echoes of War, Update 31.1, will be releasing on all platforms on February 9th. Here’s what you can look forward to:

Replayable New War Quest + Somachord Tones

You will be able to re-experience the New War with added replayability in this update! Additionally, Tenno will be able to scan new Somachord Tones in post-New War areas of the Star Chart to add three songs from this Quest to their Somachord.

Lich/Sister Quality of Life Changes!

 Devstream 159 Overview

Weapon Spawning RNG changes are coming to the Lich and Sisters of Parvos systems. If you do not kill a Progenitor, the weapon it was offering will be removed from the spawning pool.. As an example: declining to mercy a Larvling with a Kuva Karak will mean that weapon option will not spawn again for this Lich cycle. Once you vanquish or convert your Lich/Sister, the weapon pool will reset.

The goal of this change is to overall reduce the amount of times you have to spawn Progenitors to get the weapon you are looking for!

Four New Augments

Frost: Biting Frost - Passive
Frost gains 200% Critical Chance and 200% Critical Damage against frozen enemies.

Gauss: Thermal Transfer - Thermal Sunder
Allies in range gain 75% bonus Elemental Damage for 30s.

Grendel: Gourmand: Feast
Instead of Energy, consumes 200 Health on cast and 30 Health Drain.

Yareli: Surging Blades: Aquablades
Blades gain 8% extra damage per enemy hit. Press 3 to launch a blade at your foes.

TennoGen Round 21 Release + Round 22 Deadline

Fashion Frame lovers can expect part one of Round 21 in our February 9th update, with the second half launching later in February on all platforms!

Tennogen artists themselves can look forward to the Round 22 Deadline on March 7th at 2pm ET. For full submission guidelines and details, check out the official announcement thread.

Star Days Returns

Star Days are returning to Fortuna! Visit Ticker to see new wares, and some updates to existing ones -- like voice lines added to Ticker’s Floof.

We are also adding Tennobaum items to these event offerings, as we were unable to host our Tennobaum celebrations in 2021. Expect a special stream in February with a donation to our charity of choice to carry on the Tennobaum spirit until it returns at the end of this year!

Hildryn Einheri Collection

Hildryn is taking to the skies with a new look: the Hildryn Einheri Collection! Here’s a peek of what it looks like in-game:

Tech Improvements

Improvements to our enhanced mode are coming! Enhanced graphics users can see a significant change in metal textures, and more! We do intend to shift completely to the enhanced renderer, so stay tuned on news on that.

Additionally, we are improving our scripting system to be faster, which should benefit those with less beefy CPUs especially! Changes to our compiler might result in a bit of a bigger download in this February update, however.

Here’s a before/after of script changes:
 Devstream 159 Overview

 Devstream 159 Overview

UI Updates

- Square UI Icons:

- Specific Accessibility Menu in your settings, allowing you to easily find accessibility settings, like colorblind pre-sets, and more.

Update 31.5: Angels of the Zariman

 Devstream 159 Overview

Our next major content update is a direct post-New War expansion aiming for release in early Spring! We are hoping to bring players two new game modes, a post-New War Quest, and a new Warframe -- in addition to a deeper dive into lore!

In this update, you will also see some quality of life reworks. Expect more details in our February Devstream, but here’s a quick overview of what to expect:

Eximus Rework

 Devstream 159 Overview

We’re revisiting Eximus enemies with a few goals:

Giving each Eximus a clear visual identity to ensure that players understand how and why they are affecting your gameplay.

We’re intending to address many of the long-term thoughts and concerns players have had with these kinds of enemies! An Arctic Eximus is a good example of clear visuals and mechanics. An Energy Leech Eximus is an example of an enemy we are hoping to revisit, with their invisible draining auras.

Increasing threat, but also reward.

Eximus can be a means to add variety to regular gameplay pacing. Expect a higher time-to-kill with these foes, but better rewards for the effort!

Again, this is more of a statement of intent vs exact implementation, so look forward to more details in our February Devstream.

Lesser-used Augment Reviews

We’ll be reviewing at least 16 lesser-used Augments for this update. Stay tuned for more news on that!

Valkyr Deluxe Skin

Valkyr’s next Deluxe Skin is shaping up nicely, and you can expect it in this major content drop! With her new look, you can also look forward to custom animations done by Elyse on our animation team, that elevates Valkyr’s aesthetic:

Other Content

Xaku Deluxe Skin Concept

Designed by the amazing Liger-Inuzuka, here’s a first look at Xaku’s Deluxe Skin:

 Devstream 159 Overview

Operator Customization

Heterochromia is coming!

Players will be able to have different coloured eyes for the full anime aesthetic:

Operator Suit Compatibility

We are looking into making Operator suits compatible with its New War counterpart, but need to revisit our tech on how to approach this problem. The ultimate goal is total compatibility.

Operator Hair

 Devstream 159 Overview
Hair tech improvements are in the works! Additionally, the team discussed exploring different hair customization options in the future. If you know, you know!

Protea Deluxe Progress

 Devstream 159 Overview
Concepted by community artist Asturisk, here’s a progress update on our Protea Deluxe Skin that we revealed at TennoCon!

Thanks for reading, Tenno!