Devstream 157 Overview
Hildryn Deluxe, Forma QOL, Nyctalus Wings and more!
Posted On 2021-09-24 18:07:00
Devstream 157 Overview

We’re back with a look at what’s to come in Warframe! In the spirit of avoiding New War spoilers, our focus for this month’s Devstream was on Quality of Life and questions from the community -- but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have a few reveals up our sleeves.

You can watch the full episode for yourself on our YouTube, or catch the highlights in our overview below!


- Plague Star is live on all platforms until September 30th!
- Gift of the Lotus Alerts are live for 24 hours following the stream. Don’t miss your chance for a Exilus Weapon Adapter Blueprint, and an Orokin Catalyst Blueprint!
- Our Bonus weekend campaign is still ongoing! Make use of these boons to prepare your Tenno for the new War.

 Devstream 157 Overview

Voltacular Statue Contest

 Devstream 157 Overview

Show off your default Volt skin fashion and you could win your very own customized Volt Statue! Full details can be found in the official contest thread.

October 2021 Content

 Devstream 157 Overview

Nights of Naberus - Oct 6 to Nov 3

- Daughter returns with her Nights of Naberus event from October 6 to November 3rd this year! With her storefront, you will see some new and changed offerings:
- Plague Star rewards replaced them with items from Scarlet Spear (Basmu, etc.)
- Stalker Noggle
- New EPHEMERA - Nyctalus Ephemera

Quest to Conquer Cancer Returns!

Warframe is teaming up with The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation for a second year to support their Quest to Conquer Cancer campaign during the month of October! Full details will come with our microsite launch on October 1, but here is a look at some of the items the community can unlock via fundraising:

Conquera Ephemera and Conquera Ribbon

Conquera Glyphs + Merch

In the video above, you can see some incredible Glyphs drawn by a lovely community artist: dull_xaoc!

This incredible art is also featured on our Quest to Conquer Merch collection:

 Devstream 157 Overview

 Devstream 157 Overview

Purchasing the Kuaka Floof IRL will get you a matching Conquera Kuaka Floof in-game!

Stay tuned for more news on this amazing event, Tenno!

Quality of Life Changes

Forma Quality of Life

 Devstream 157 Overview

We’re making quite a big change to your Forma experience, tied to your Mastery Rank! Now your Warframe, Archwing, and Necramech’s ability ranks (originally reset to zero) will match that of your Mastery Rank!

If a Mastery Rank 30 player uses a Forma, they won’t have to re-unlock any Abilities (or their Ranks) on a given item! A Mastery Rank 10 player would have all abilities unlocked, albeit not at their full strength! This achieves our goal of keeping Forma essential to build customization, but allowing players with higher Mastery Ranks a more convenient experience.

You can read more in our Dev Workshop!

Nyx Changes

 Devstream 157 Overview

Nyx’s kit is getting a few adjustments! The image above covers everything, but we’ll list them all below for you as well!

Mind Control:
Base 500 percent Damage increase
Base 45 second duration
Target now teleports to keep up

Psychic Bolts:
Minor “feel” change -- enemies will stagger on Bolt contact

15 meter base range at max rank
Scaling range capped at 50m (solving for an exploit), ensuring Damage is balanced by Energy Capacity
Adding the ability to roll in Absorb with the Assimilate Augment equipped:

New Player Experience

- We’re actively reviewing the New Player Experience for our Tenno, but here are some changes we’ve confirmed are coming/being looked at:
- Persistent reminders for Quests, to help guide new Tenno to their next steps
- Amp crafting guide audit
- We’re adding Nightwave tips to help you best tackle the Acts that week

 Devstream 157 Overview

New Cosmetics

Hildryn Deluxe Skin

 Devstream 157 Overview
 Devstream 157 Overview

Hildryn is getting her own deluxe skin! In the concepts above, you can see how her ability to amass overshields will affect the look of our very own shieldmaiden.

She is also coming with her own custom axe skin, seen below:
 Devstream 157 Overview

Here is a look at the work-in-progress in-game sculpt of this new skin!
 Devstream 157 Overview

Protea Deluxe Tonkor Skin

Protea’s Deluxe skin concept was revealed at TennoCon 2021 (click here if you missed it!) -- but we didn’t show off the weapon skin that will be coming with it:

 Devstream 157 Overview

Leverian-Themed Cosmetics

If you’re well-acquainted with the Leverian, you may see some of Drusus’ curated collection in-mission! Here is a look at one of weapon skins that will be coming from this Leverian inspiration:

 Devstream 157 Overview

Other Client Updates and Improvements

Thai Language Support

 Devstream 157 Overview

We are adding the Thai language as an official supported language to Warframe. Players will be able to download the Thai client in the future.

Fun fact from Steve: we employed machine learning to help us identify places for line breaks in the Thai client!

New Sound Tech

Below are some demo clips of some cool new sound tech coming in the future. Headphones are recommended to get the full effect!

New Ambient System:

New Reverb Tech:

New Lighting Tech:

Steve showed off and discussed some of the new lighting tech you can see coming with the New War:

Other Tidbits:

- Reb was vouching for the Werewolf fanbase to see if Sevagoth has helped pave the way to non-traditional Warframe types. There is no confirmation of the team expanding our approach, but you have someone on your side on the inside!
- Idle animations based off of NPCs is a cool idea but we like keeping the uniqueness of our NPCs to the NPCs themselves!
- When asked about Necramechs in regular missions, Scott’s reply was “maybe”.
- For the Crossplay/Cross Save discussion, we will most likely focus on Cross-Play implementation first, and then work in Cross-Progression later.
- Scarlet Spear will make its return at some point!
- Here’s a look at how Parazon finishers increased following our Parazon rework earlier this year:

 Devstream 157 Overview

Naberus Mobile
 Devstream 157 Overview