December Preview
Whispers in the Walls in December, Cross Platform Save and so much more!
Posted On 2023-11-24 15:57:00
December Preview

In the final Devstream of the year, the team gathered to share an in-depth look at Whispers in the Walls — including the most details we’ve shared since the update’s reveal at TennoCon 2023!

That’s not all. In addition to a look at the Gothic laboratories lurking beneath Deimos, as well as the brutal concrete Warframe, Qorvex, we also shared our plans for Cross Platform Save and our latest teaser trailer hinting at things to come. For more info on all the exciting releases to come, keep reading!

 December Preview

Whispers in the Walls Launches Next Month

“If I must be a demon, let me be an honest one. Let me prove my nature by what I do next.” – Albrecht Entrati

This December, experience a monumental turning point for the Tenno as we enter the next narrative arc of Warframe’s sprawling cinematic story. It all launches with Whispers in the Walls this December!

Delve into the mysteries left behind by Albrecht Entrati, fight against the forces of the unknowable Man in the Wall and wield the brand-new Grimoire Weapon type to harness the arcane energies of the Void itself.

 December Preview


Designed by Albrecht Entrati as a bulwark against the unique hazards of his labs, the 55th Warframe, Qorvex, is a hulking mass of concrete arranged around a Crucible Core. Command every fight with Abilities that control enemies with deadly Radiation Damage, as well as protect Qorvex and his allies.

Whispers in the Walls arrives on all platforms this December! Make sure to tune into The Game Awards on December 7 to see more about the next major update coming to Warframe!

The Game Awards

Need even more incentive to watch The Game Awards on December 7, beyond just celebrating the year’s best games? Watch on Twitch with a linked Warframe account to receive a fully built Sevagoth Warframe and matching Warframe Slot. You’ll get your chance when The Game Awards go live at 7:30 p.m. ET on December 7, 2023. See you there, Tenno!

 December Preview

Cross Platform Save

As discussed on the Devstream, Cross Platform Save begins its launch with the release of Whispers in the Walls. Our plan is to roll this feature out to all Tenno starting in phases, allowing us to test and ensure the stability of the system as more players gain access.

We understand that you may have plenty of questions about Cross Platform Save, and we want to be as transparent with you as possible. So make sure to read our Cross Platform Save page and stay tuned for more updates!

 December Preview

Gauss Prime Access Coming Soon

Quicksilver comes alive with Gauss Prime Access! Engage your enemies with deadly speed when Gauss Prime Access accelerates into the heart of battle this January. Equipped with his signature Acceltra Prime and Akarius Prime Weapons, Gauss Prime brooks no talk of defeat.

Get instant access to this rapid new Prime Warframe as well as exclusive Accessories (including a bonus Helmet and Gauss Prime Floof) for a limited time with Gauss Prime Access, coming this January.

 December Preview

10 Year Anniversary Ending Soon

As our 10 Year Anniversary celebrations draw to a close, it’s your last chance to log in and claim the Dex Operator and Drifter Suit before it’s no longer available on December 31 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Heirloom Collections for Mag and Frost will join the Dex Operator and Drifter Suit when it disappears on December 31.

Android Beta Update

While Warframe’s iOS Closed Beta comes to an end as we continue to prepare its full launch in the future, we are excited to announce that you can sign up for a chance to join the Closed Beta on Android devices!

Sign up today and stay tuned for more updates as we work towards a widespread mobile release.

HP OMEN Giveaway

Upgrade your Warframe setup ahead of Whispers in the Walls with our latest HP Omen Giveaway!

Enter to win a package including a HyperX Cloud II Wireless Gaming Headset and an HP OMEN 16 Gaming Laptop!

Plus, you can claim a Code for the Matisse Color Palette, Thorac Syandana and a 3-Day Affinity booster to your Inventory for free on the OMEN Gaming Hub!