Day of the Dead 2017
Get exclusive Skins, Armor and more!
Posted On 2017-10-18 02:16:00
Day of the Dead 2017

Day of the Dead has returned to the Origin System! To accompany the spookiest time of year, there is a variety of Weapon Skin Bundles, Landing Craft Skins, Armor, Syandanas, Glyphs and more.

Starting now, and ending Wednesday, November 1, you can pick up a variety of Skins and Customizations that suit your mood and the season! This year, we have all the previous Day of the Dead Packs, so there’s no better time to equip your Warframe, Landing Craft, Weapons and more with the latest Day of the Dead cosmetic items.

In addition to the Day of the Dead Bundles, the Halloween Color Picker and Dullahan Mask are both available in the Market for 1 Credit each.

Pick up a new Day of the Dead Skin in the Market, or just update your colors to match the falling leaves and show off your seasonal spirit today!