Dante Unbound
Dante Unbound Available Now On All Platforms
Posted On 2024-03-13 14:15:00
Dante Unbound

Dante Dante

Available now on all platforms

Dante Unbound

Defend the Leverian from the avaricious clutches of Parvos Granum and the Corpus! Drusus, curator and caretaker of the Leverian, requests your help to get out from under Parvos’s gilded thumb. It falls to you to track down his assistant and chief chronicler, the Warframe Dante. Master Dante’s Abilities as you take on new Missions like Murmur focused Disruption and greater challenges than ever before.

Get all the details in our Official Patch Notes.


Seeker of knowledge. Keeper of history. Daring researcher of Leverian lore. Dante composes arcane tales to support allies and devastate enemies.


Passive: Chronicler’s Mark
Noctua scans targets, recording information for your Codex. Status Chance increases on fully scanned targets.

Open Noctua, Dante’s Exalted Tome, and unleash a tale of woe upon his enemies.

Light Verse
Dante’s vitalizing composition grants him and his allies Overguard and increases their Health.

Dark Verse
Dante’s composition draws blood from nearby enemies, inflicting Slash Damage upon them.

Final Verse
Dante must compose two other Verses before his Final Verse. Two Light Verses invigorates allies with Triumph. Two Dark Verses attack enemies with Tragedy. A Light Verse followed by a Dark Verse supports allies with Wordwarden. A Dark Verse followed by a Light Verse summons Pageflight to swoop at enemies.

 Dante Unbound

Dante Collection

Dante’s loadouts are meticulously catalogued, with his favorite pieces becoming a part of his signature Collection! Pick up the Dante Collection to instantly add the daring researcher to your Arsenal — along with his signature Incarnon Melee Weapon and Customizations.

The Dante Collection features
- Dante Warframe
- Ruvox Melee Weapon
- Dante Cantist Helmet
- Rencowl Syandana
- Oranist Armor
- Noctua’s Paragrimm Orbiter Decoration

You can also gift the Dante Collection to a friend to receive the Noctua’s Paragrimm Orbiter Decoration!

For even more Customizations, check out the Dante Chronicles Pack on your platform storefront of choice, which adds an exclusive Glyph, Sigil, and Observant Vitreum Decoration!

 Dante Unbound

New Challenges

New Missions await you in Dante Unbound, Tenno! Does your Squad have what it takes to challenge them?

Entrati Disruption

First up: a new Disruption variant is available at the Armatus Node on Deimos. As usual, you must search out Disruption keys (here called “Dockets”) and install them into Conduits, while defending them from Necramech Demolishers.

However, Entrati Disruption also brings a new foe — The Gruzzling. The Gruzzling is a greedy variety of Murmur that can steal away Dockets if you aren’t careful!

Successfully completing Entrati Disruption may reward you with components to aid in crafting Dante, the Ruvox Fist Weapon and Onos Arm Cannon. These Missions will also earn you Vessel Capillaries, which can be traded with Loid to directly purchase the Blueprints you’re looking for.

You must complete Whispers in the Walls and The Deadlock Protocol as prerequisites for this new Disruption Mission.

 Dante Unbound

Deep Archimedea

Once you’ve reached Rank 5 with the Cavia Syndicate , then an even greater challenge will be available to you.

Deep Archimedea is a new weekly challenge made up of three Missions that must be completed in sequence. That means, unlike during Sorties, there’s no returning to your Orbiter and the Loadout you select has to be capable of taking on all three stages one after the other.

Each week, sacrifice two Netracell Search Pulses to venture into this new mission type. You can replay the Deep Archimedea Missions as much as you like without costing any additional Search Pulses, but you can only receive up to six high-quality Rewards from them each week. To increase the quality and quantity of Rewards you receive, you must increase your Research Value level. Research Value rises when you use items from Loid’s suggested loadout, or by applying various modifiers to your Missions that add extra difficulty.

Make sure to double-check your gear and modifiers before embarking on these challenging Missions. Good luck, Tenno. Trust us… You’re going to need it!

Sytanax Tonatiuh

Styanax Tonatiuh Collection

The warrior spirit reincarnates in the image of a god with Styanax’s newest Collection! Inspired by the ancient warriors of Earth’s distant past, the Styanax Tonatiuh Collection is sure to imbue your Loadout with indomitable fighting spirit.

This collection features:
- Styanax Tonatiuh Skin
- Tequihua Polearm Skin
- Huitzilin Syandana
- Chimalli & Tequihua Decoration

 Dante Unbound

Inaros Rework + Warframe Augments

The sandstorm approaches, Tenno! Reborn once more, Inaros emerges with a new rework in Dante Unbound.

Our goal with this Inaros rework was to double down on the central theme of Inaros’s undying kit, while sanding down some rough edges when it comes to setting up enemies for Finishers.

Now, when you die, Inaros will become a Shadow version of himself. Land a certain number of hits on enemies to respawn, but be wary! The number of hits you need increases with each successive death.

For full details on Inaros’s new and improved Abilities, check out the Dante Unbound Patch Notes!


Enjoy 10 new Augments for Warframes like Loki, Kullervo, Yareli and more! Reinvigorate your builds with powerful Mods that reimagine Warframe Abilities with additional effects or utility!


TennoGen Unbound

Six new Tenno-designed pieces arrive with TennoGen Unbound! Discover new looks for your favorite Warframes and more. Find them in the Market after Dante Unbound launches!

Quality of Life

We’ve implemented plenty of other changes to improve your gameplay experience in Dante Unbound as well, including:

- Archon Shard Ascent (i.e. the ability to fuse Archon Shards into Tauforged variants!)
- Weekly Archon Vendor moved from Chipper to the Cavia
- Mirage Eclipse Change
- Improvements to Kubrow Fur
And many others!