Dante Chronicles Pack
Unleash the Verses of Light and Dark
Posted On 2024-03-27 11:13:00
Dante Chronicles Pack

Bring the power of the chronicler Warframe, Dante, to your Arsenal along with a devastating Incarnon Melee Weapon and his signature Customizations!

While Dante may be well versed in using his Exalted Tome, Noctua, no Tenno goes into battle without a few additional tricks! Unleash Dante’s power along with his signature Ruvox Melee Weapon, a transforming Incarnon Weapon that can impale enemies on Slam Attacks.

This pack features:
- Dante Warframe
- Ruvox Melee Weapon
- Rencowl Syandana
- Oranist Armor
- Dante Cantist Helmet
- Dante’s Delight Glyph
- Dante’s Noctua Sigil
- Observant Vitreum Decoration
- 125 Platinum

This pack may only be purchased once per account.