New Purchase Path: Crystal Bastion Collection
For a limited time, purchase directly from our website!
Posted On 2023-03-29 15:58:00
New Purchase Path: Crystal Bastion Collection

As part of a new, limited-time test initiative, Tenno across all platforms can now purchase the Crystal Bastion Collection for Platinum directly from, in addition to the original purchase path via the in-game Market.

To purchase, simply visit our new dedicated page where you’ll find the Crystal Bastion Collection and its contents, including:

- Citrine Warframe
- Citrine Kalite Helmet
- Steflos Shotgun
- Corufell Heavy Scythe
- Alumeti Sugatra
- Citrine Sigil
- Belric and Rania Reunited Ship Decoration

If your current Platinum balance meets or exceeds the cost of the Collection, your purchase will be processed immediately. If not – and you play on PC – you can top up your balance directly from the Collection page. Console Tenno will need to visit their platform storefronts to buy additional Platinum as they normally would.

Please note: if you already own 5 or more of the items in this Collection, you will not be eligible to purchase via this page.