Crafting Season Contest
You could win prizes!
Posted On 2015-07-17 15:02:54
Crafting Season Contest

Arm yourself with pipe cleaners, googly eyes and glitter glue!

The Crafting Season Contest is on! Are you up to the challenge? Whether it's a Kubrow made of pipe cleaners or an oil painting of Darvo, we want to see your Warframe-themed crafts.

Take a photo of your in-real-life Warframe craft and submit it in this Forum thread for judging! Don’t worry if you’re not blessed with the artistic talent, get creative with whatever you have!

1st place -- 1000 Platinum and the Crafters Best Friend Bundle (5 of every Rare Resource)!
2nd place -- 500 Platinum to rush all those magnificent crafts into production!
3rd place -- 250 Platinum to purchase the resources needed to be the craft master!

This contest is on now until Thursday, July 30 at 1 p.m. EST! Visit this Forum Thread for full rules and information.

Good luck and get crafty, Tenno!