Craft your very own customizable Duviri Paradox Mask
Plus enjoy some inspiration from Warframe Developers and Content Creators!
Posted On 2023-04-04 08:10:00
Craft your very own customizable Duviri Paradox Mask

As the hotly-anticipated release of The Duviri Paradox draws closer, Digital Extremes has teamed up with talented artists from both the Warframe Dev team and the wider community to create 10 distinct interpretations of the iconic Duviri Paradox Mask. We provided each artist with a 3D-printed, life-sized mask and invited them to customize it in a way that embodies their unique art style. Check out the images below for a closer look at their original creations!

We’re also extending this invitation to all Tenno by providing free access to STL files for both the Duviri Mask and its accompanying stand. Anyone with a 3D printer can download and make their own, just be sure to share a photo of YOUR unique creation using #Warframe on social media!

Please note: the Mask Stand is fairly large, so for those with smaller 3D printers, @widescreenJohn has a convenient solution here.

Warframe Developers

Kaz Adams (Weapons Lead)

 Craft your very own customizable Duviri Paradox Mask

My goal was to create a lot of physical texture detail so I could use my favorite painting techniques: washes and drybrush. The center is mostly unchanged and gets more and more ragged towards the edges, with a layer of bone that gives way to a dark, organic, chaotic material. I wanted to emphasize the contrast between the monstrous sculpted details and the clean, delicate features of the face and created focal points around the eyes with dramatic gold flourishes that shimmer as you turn the mask to face the light.
Most of the sculpting was done with a Dremel, but I also built up the edges of the bone areas with some epoxy putty to give it a little more height. I airbrushed the main colors and used some pastels for additional shading. My color choices ended up making the bone look more like flesh but I think that works too because I wanted it to be a little bit creepy anyway :))

Marco Hasmann (Principal Concept Artist)

 Craft your very own customizable Duviri Paradox Mask

Mike Skyers (Principal Character Artist)

 Craft your very own customizable Duviri Paradox Mask

My Duviri Paradox Mask design comes from my love of all things sci-fi. When I was asked to put my own spin on the Duviri Paradox Mask I had so many ideas going through my head. I bounced between a few ideas but eventually landed on a design that focused on my love for building mecha model kits. I also couldn’t help but add a dash of the cyberpunk aesthetic. After sketching out the concept in Photoshop I used a pencil to draw the design on the physical mask. I used a Dremel to cut the holes and carve the panel lines. I then used a product called “Green Stuff'' to sculpt closed eyelids. Using an airbrush to spray lacquer paint I base coated and pre-shaded the mask. The detail painting was done with a brush and acrylic paints. Once all the base colors were in place I dove into my collection of waterslide decals. I picked an assortment of decals from different mecha model lines and collaged them to create a custom look. Once they were all applied it was time to weather the masks. I started with sponge chipping for the lighter chips and a brush for bigger chips and scratches. To tie it all together I applied a couple enamel grunge washes with some black and brown enamel paints. With the washes applied and cleaned up where appropriate it was time to call it complete, even though I really wanted to install LED lights. I’ll have to save my LEDs for a future project.

Warframe Content Creators

In alphabetical order:


 Craft your very own customizable Duviri Paradox Mask

My painting is an adventure into the world of The Duviri Paradox. An attempt to capture the artistic beauty and immersive universe of Warframe. Inspired by the color shifting pallete, it was a great opportunity to express my own thoughts and feelings of this world. Having been a fan of the game myself, I felt connected to the project and through this I could create with nothing but a clear mind as both a fan and an artist.

Be sure to check out ADCArtAttack on YouTube to see more of their original work!

Bond Truluv

 Craft your very own customizable Duviri Paradox Mask

For the Drifter’s Mask, I went for strong contrasts and colors, reflecting the vibrant aspects of The Duviri Paradox’s gameplay design. The two rather different sides of the face point at the emotional interplay of the game’s story and its narratives. Therefore, the mask can be discovered from different angles, revealing its colorful or black and white side.

Discover more from Bond Truluv on TikTok.

Disfusional Studios

 Craft your very own customizable Duviri Paradox Mask

This project was a way for me to dip back into my Traditional Art roots. Having the chance to have studied under some brilliant artists over the years; it was a joy to think back to my Raku ceramic days. Raku ware is a famous type of Japanese pottery and tea ceremonies. Ceramic pieces are quickly removed from the kiln glowing hot; before placed in open air or a container filled with combustible material. The Western adaptation I studied gave a great variety of colors and surface effects. One thing Warframe cannot have enough of is pottery decorations. The Duviri Paradox Mask I present to you is an acrylic paint/mixed media rendering of raku ware. Demonstrating two popular raku ware esthetics from a matte crackle finish with a darkened ceramic base, to an overly applied, dripping, copper glazed finish. These techniques were accomplished with various acrylic and oil paints layered upon one another. My artwork wraps around my mask's stand; paying homage to our warframe trailer and stone frames, with moss lightly scattered over the Tenno monuments of an ancient warrior cast.

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Fat Cap Sprays

 Craft your very own customizable Duviri Paradox Mask

The alluring glow of the piece combines and reflects the dark personality of Dominus Thrax, whilst the vivid strokes incorporate Fat Cap Sprays’ signature cartoon style.

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 Craft your very own customizable Duviri Paradox Mask

Behold, a mask of feminine guise, with two faces that doth surprise. On the left, a visage bedecked, with floral motifs, a beauty to respect.

But on the right, a countenance so stern, a face of gray, as if an automaton to discern. Expressionless, emotionless, a face so still, like a robot, devoid of human will.

This mask, a duality of art and machine, a symbol of a dichotomy yet unseen. For in this artifact, we find a reflection, of the human condition, a complex intersection.

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Studio Cyen

 Craft your very own customizable Duviri Paradox Mask

The art style is a combination of Duviri aesthetics and Venetian carnival mask. The mask is divided vertically into two roughly equal halves which symbolize opposing forces as well as Drifter’s change of fortune from dark to light. On the left side of the mask, Dominus Thrax and his minions are represented by sharp lines and repeating geometric shapes in solid black and gold. Elements on the right side of the mask represent Drifter's resolve and their allies. To achieve a softer, more organic look, curvilinear lines and shapes in gold, white, and metallic purple are used. Curls, similar to those on Kaithe, are also added as finishing touches. Materials used: acrylic and hot glue on a 3D-printed base.

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 Craft your very own customizable Duviri Paradox Mask

My main inspiration for the design was the environment in which the game takes place, I wanted not only to paint the mask but to add three-dimensional elements to correspond to the three-dimensionality that the game handles. The predominant blue color was chosen to highlight the golden touches, and these in turn have been chosen to correspond to the metallic elements that can be found in the characters. The curved and organic shapes are not only a vital part of my own work but also give the mask fluidity, giving the feeling that it has a "life of its own" and is not just a static element, since the mask itself is a protagonist/character of its own story.

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