Community Spotlight: /r/Warframe

Community Spotlight is all about giving artists, storytellers, or video tutorial extraordinaires a bit of extra attention for all the hard work they do. Whether through it's through helpful advice or hilarious jokes their efforts help to make Warframe's community so warm and welcoming.

This edition of Community Spotlight we sat down with the moderators over on /r/Warframe, the Warframe subreddit. It's here that many players can ask questions, discuss in-depth strategy or post unusual gifs captured by the talents of skilled Source Film Maker creators. It's a place that defies a categorization, but one that's time and again praised for being a warm and friendly place to meet players both new and experienced Tenno.

Please introduce yourselves to our readers!

Kuenaimaku: I’m Kuenaimaku, one of the original moderators for /r/Warframe. Became a moderator around the time that Update 5 hit. More than 2 years ago. I’m old.

Kean: Hey everyone, I'm thatdovahkiinyouknow but you can refer to me by my real name "Kean" (just to clarify how it's pronounced, it's Key-on). I joined the moderation team during the third recruitment wave which was almost half a year ago! It's funny how fast time flies.

StallordD: I'm StallordD, I've been on the mod team since the second wave of recruiting. Been playing Warframesince a couple weeks after it went open-beta.

Frizzy: And I’m Frizzy the Pastafarian. I sit around and stare at the subreddit while everyone else is asleep, make sure the night hours run smoothly, and praise an effigy of noodles in my spare time.

Khuon: I’m Khuon (cu-on). I joined the moderation team with Kean and Frizzy. I do odd jobs around the subreddit to help keep it running smoothly.

Paper: Finally, I’m BuildMyPaperHeart! I’ve been part of the community since Open Beta, but nowadays I usually play supervisor: pop in, compliment everyone’s work, then disappear again. Real life is time consuming!

Honorable mention goes to Reddidactyl, also one of the first Moderators of the subreddit. He is too busy uncovering the secrets of the internet from above the clouds to participate today.

What brought you all to Warframe?

Kuenaimaku: I used to play with a friend from the UK in league, who randomly decided to drag me into it. I was always looking for something kinda like Ninja Gaiden meets Vanquish, and this game whet my appetite.

StallordD: I happened to see the banner image on Steam one day, and the trailer INSTANTLY hooked me. Only regret is that I hadn't heard about it sooner.

Kean: There was a lack of things for me and my friends to do together. Not having a job means I can't buy many games so decided to check out this free-to-play game I heard of called Warframe from a video Totalbiscuit did a long time ago. After I gave it a shot with me and some friends, I was almost immediately interested in seeing where this game could have gone from the days of early open beta and have stuck around since.

Frizzy: I first hopped on around a year and a half ago. I first quit the game a year and a half ago minus one day. Warframe really just didn’t pull me in at the time. Around half a year ago my friend forced me to give it another go, and I was hooked.

Paper: TotalBiscuit made a video about the Closed Beta at one point. When the Open Beta came out, I figured “why not” and gave it a try based on his recommendation. Very glad I made that decision!

Khuon: My brother played Warframe in Closed bBeta, and he tried to get me into it, but it didn’t look that interesting. I didn’t try it again until some friends of mine on PS4 were playing it a week or so before Update 12 launched. I played one mission with them, and I was instantly infatuated with it. Coincidentally, we all picked different starters. My brother never lets me live down the fact that I could’ve been playing a lot sooner.

How did you find the subreddit?

Kuenaimaku: I typed in and subscribed. No, really. If there’s a game that I’m semi-interested in, my first instinct is to see if there’s a subreddit for it. If I enjoy the game, I’ll subscribe. If I love the game… well you see the fruits of my labor.

Frizzy: There’s a subreddit for everything. Everything.

Paper: I originally made my account to promote my artwork. Then I decided to help explain stuff to new people on the subreddit instead. When moderator applications came around, I threw my name in the hat, and somehow I was chosen. It’s been an extremely rewarding experience since!

StallordD: I've been on Reddit for a while, and usually subscribe to subreddits for most games I play. I was really happy when I saw the Warframeone was pretty active.

Khuon: I created a Reddit account to participate in another subreddit. After I started getting into Warframe I checked to see if there was a subreddit for it. I checked it out a couple of times, and each time there was a deal or code for platinum or discounts so I subscribed.

Kean: I'm fairly big into Reddit. I like seeing things people have to say/show on a given subject so when I started WarframeI tried to see if there was a Warframesubreddit. One /r/warframe later and I'm now a Moderator.

StallordD: Junior Moderator. Your position is always negotiable.

Frizzy: We could always keep him as the dragon mascot if things went south.

What are some things community members can find on the Subreddit besides general Warframethreads?

Kuenaimaku: The one thing that I enjoy more than discussion about the game itself, is seeing the community interacting with each-other. Every person brings a unique experience, and almost always has something amazing to share or discuss with everyone. There’s nothing better than a tight-knit community.

Khuon: Unless it’s unwelcoming of “outsiders,” of course.

StallordD: Reddit is great because it allows for pretty much anything to be shared. Besides discussion, we get a lot of fanart, writing, related news articles from third party sites, it's a great way to get a decent sampling of anything related to Warframe. We also have a pretty good wiki that helps with a lot of the new player questions, and also covers some common topics.

Paper: The FAQ! The new player thread! All our weekly threads! I can’t tell how much time I spent in my first year editing and adding new things to the FAQ, polishing it to a shine. I even reached out to the community for their ideas and feedback! That thing is an information goldmine and it’s one of the best assets we have.

Kean: Plenty of things! It is Reddit after all. We allow a wide variety of content to be submitted so long as it's at least Warframe-related. Fan art, suggestions, experiments people have run, various findings, one line jokes, all of which come together to form this community where everyone is free to share anything they want about the game!

Frizzy: I’m seconding pretty much everyone else here, the subreddit is honestly one of the most friendly and respectful ones I’ve ever had the pleasure of engaging in. I know we’re not too big, sitting at 30k subscribers, but it’s still a great community that I’m happy to do everything I can for.

Khuon: Some of the suggestions for DE that I’ve seen on the subreddit have been really awesome too.

What are some of the things a moderator does?

Kuenaimaku: One thing that most people would find odd having a moderator do is design the subreddit itself. The thing is, the subreddit echoes the community that we have, so getting the right feel is something that I strive to do. We had a couple of facelifts in the past to introduce new ways for users to find content, stay updated, and keep the general feel of Warframe. Let it be known that it’s pure css. There’s no fancy javascript. with a 100kb limit. Back in the old days we didn’t even have CSS3.0! We had to make due with transparent images, and we liked it -- you get the idea.

Frizzy: And flair threads. You forgot the part about flairing threads.

StallordD: Ban users. To my knowledge there aren't any other tasks, but I only skimmed over the PM they sent me when I started so I might be a bit off.

Paper: Fortunately we rarely ever ban folks. It’s more about warding off rudeness before it spirals out of control. When the sub started out, the community was helpful and welcoming - we’ve worked very hard to preserve that sentiment as the sub evolves. Also checking the Spam Filter for accidental blockages; automation can only do so much!

Frizzy: And then flair more threads.

Kean: Just simple mod stuff. Go in, review posts which are then flaired with the appropriate tag, going through and deal with anyone breaking our rules from a post that doesn't belong to a straight up mean comment, and tend to the rare mod mail we get. Not too much happens because we're not the biggest sub and the community is pretty good when it comes to following the rules which is awesome!

Khuon: We also do weekly discussions.

Frizzy: And then finish off all that with a little more thread flairing. Don’t get me wrong, there’s lots to outside of just flairing threads. But that is probably the majority of our time spent.

Paper: And yet somehow half of them end up being flaired wrong anyway.

Is there a special way you plan out weekly discussions?

StallordD: Our robot slave does the recurring ones for us! But for the ones that change from week to week like weapon discussion, Dovah actually tackles those. Though he sometimes gets the days of the week confused, so they aren't always punctual.

Frizzy: Hello everyone and welcome to another Weapons Wednesday-Thursday.

Kean: Hey man. Now that I don't have as much school to worry about time just blends together at this point. There are 2 days in my week now, podcast day (Tuesday), and other podcast day (Thursday).

Kuenaimaku: Sometimes, we look at what’s been updated recently and plan accordingly. Most of the time, Kean throws darts at a dartboard and whatever he hits is the topic. Thankfully he isn’t good, otherwise we’d have 7 Chroma discussions in a row.

Kean: I’ll have you know that my discussions are set up with high level of organization. Everything that has happened, I planned from the start! Unless you’re Nova who I completely forgot about and accidentally skipped over for 2 weeks.

Frizzy: I still love how your Chroma one wasn’t simply done, you had your own full build ready and prepped to post for the moment the thread hit the floor.

Paper: Nobody remembers when I used to plan and write and post all the damn weekly threads and update the Archives. I’m glad there are more slaves helpers to take on the burden from me as I’ve gotten busier.

StallordD: Who are you, again?

Frizzy: I actually snuck into your post history a while back you made an off-hand comment on that. You put some serious work into that stuff. Was honestly impressed.

Khuon: A couple community members also do “How Would You Change…” weekly discussions.

Paper: It’s a big step in the right direction. We still welcome any other new weekly thread ideas. We’ve got a few already and it might be time to hit the drawing board soon!

What’s the best thread you’ve ever encountered?

Kuenaimaku: Honestly, it has to be this post: I've been thinking… the amount of people upset by such a clever quote makes me feel all giddy inside. I’m an awful human being that feeds on the agony of others from bad puns and witty quotes. Quote me on that.

StallordD: Every couple months there will be a thread that's nothing but a text post of a quote from the game, and for some reason it always hits the top. It amazes me that it works every time. But besides that, some doom threads have reached epic proportions, and seeing the community's passion is always fun. For better or worse…

Kean: I can't pin a favorite but there's always that tri-monthly-absolutely-ridiculous-in-the-best-of-ways post. From the Walotus my friend made for april fools to the gif someone made about the dragon frame reveal at the time. Seeing those posts always brightens up my day and just exemplifies how people don't take everything seriously and just like to have fun with their content.

Frizzy: Oh lord, I forgot about that one. Still gets me every time.

Paper: I’ll take the boring answer again, but anything that gets people talking critically about the game that doesn’t turn into a giant salt thread. Tenno can make amazing and brilliant suggestions if they focus on the topic!

Frizzy: I’m going to cheat here, and pick a thread that was removed. There was a certain not especially clever user’s highly intoxicated post where they spoke their piece under the influence. At least, they tried to. It was mostly just touching and kind, if a bit awkward, rambling.

StallordD: And you didn’t even see the time Kuen turned the sub into the official Potato Farming theme.

Kuenaimaku: Warfarm - going back to our roots.

Khuon: There’s been so many so I can’t choose just one! Here are my four favorite threads:

What’s your favorite Warframe?

Kuenaimaku: I’ve always been partial to good ol’ Frost. Not because of his mechanics, but because of the sentimental value I have because of this frame. He was the product of a clan taking me under their wing and giving me the tools I needed to get started. Running through Xini for the first time as Frost, having them help me grind all of the mods I would need.

Good times. Even though I have Frost Prime ready to be played, I always gravitate back to the OG instead.

StallordD: Loki. Speed, stealth, and style all wrapped up into one bundle. Ever since I saw him sitting cross legged in the open beta trailer when everyone else was in seizaposes like they were supposed to be, I knew he was the one for me.

Kean: Chroma. Because he's a dragon, nuff' said. But if I had to say more, I love his elemental affinity mechanic along with his set of skills. He’s got crazy damage potential, crazy tank potential, and a small bit of CC/area denial thrown into the mix.

Frizzy: The best, as we all know however, is obviously Valkyr. Everyone favourite, twisted berserker that will snap at a moment’s notice. There’s also lovely mantra for Valkyr: If it ain’t broke, punch it. If it broke, punch it harder.

Khuon: Excalibur. In my opinion, he’s the best looking Warframe, no matter the skin. He also felt powerful when I first got him; back when Radial Javelin radiated out from him; Super Jump + Radial Javelin was a powerful crowd-clearing combo. I’ll take Exalted Blade over Super Jump any day, though.

Paper: While I love Excalibur’s playstyle and Saryn’s visual style, I will have to choose Rhino because he has both. He’s always been my “Grineer” themed frame - with additional cosmetics, he’s my own personal Grineer killing machine! I never get tired of playing him, especially since there’s plenty of Grineer weapons I’ve yet to unlock!

If you could control a future Update in Warframe, what would you like to see?

Kuenaimaku: I would love to see an update to all Warframes that would add synergy between them. Everyone knows about Mag and Excalibur; now what if Volt and Hydroid could synergize so that his tidal surge would deal bonus electric damage and ragdoll enemies when used through Electric Shield? What if Oberon’s damage was increased when ground enemies were launched midair? What if Banshee’s Sonar would cause damage to bounce between affected targets? What if Ember was buffed? I wish to see those days.

StallordD: Lore. Lots of it. Literally hours of lore. I've always thought that lore can be a perfect motivator for people to keep going. A goal to work towards. Warframehas INCREDIBLE potential for its universe, and the recent snippets of overarching macro-lore we've gotten have been nice, but I would love something for the micro too, like a set of semi-randomized "plot points" for every mission that make the small-time interactions more robust. Take those descriptors from alerts like "enemy informant located" and turn them into mission-by-mission plots!

Kean: Final boss fight with Vay Hek which ends in a cutscene of your Warframe grabbing his Terra Frame, chucking him into the air, and slicing him in half in the vein of Metal Gear Rising.

Paper: Quality of life changes galore, specifically the overall player experience. There’s a lot in Warframeto learn and understand, but I’ve seen too many new players enter this game thinking it’s something else. Teaching crucial mechanics and explaining the game’s systems would be a priority for me. I’d also take a look at the general mechanics of the mid-game, easing the grind by adjusting drops, and especially reconfiguring the Void tables.

Khuon: I would like to see:

  • Changes
    • Extra syndicate standing carries over while awaiting a rank-up similar to Mastery
    • Overcharged excavators drain at a rate of (4% * (power- excavation time)). For clarification, this does not affect excavators that have less power than time remaining.
    • Killing enemies in Mobile Defence and Survival missions increases the time passed by (enemy level * 0.025) seconds.
    • Killing enemies on Interception points increases your percentage by (0.25% * points captured).
    • If enemies killed with toxin damage and have shields remaining, the shield will be immediately set to zero.
  • Fixes
    • Loki no longer holds an arrow in his hand while invisible with a bow
    • Excavators’ hitboxes now match their models
  • Conclave Fixes
    • Fixed blocking preventing damage from all directions
    • Fixed players unable to take damage while attacking with melee

Frizzy: I’m ready to be shot down for a horribly unpopular opinion but: Archwing stuff. First and foremost, shooting while zoomed in with the Elytron is hell, since it blocks half your view. Odonata Prime is less of an offender here.

Next is just more content. A lot of it. Archwing, the way it controls, how it feels. is awesome. The only issue is there’s really nothing much there as of right now, save for space rocks and the, admittedly awesome, Corpus ships.

Or maybe just Valkyr Prime. With energy wings during Hysteria.That’d be neat.

Khuon: I’d love more Archwing content, too.

Thank you for all the hard work spend on making the Warframesubreddit such an amazing place! It’s a pleasure to have you all sharing your experience with us here.

Kuenaimaku: No problem. And remember; stay close to the walls.

Paper: May the Lotus guide you, Tenno, and stand for Steel Meridian!

Khuon: Jajethi kitepuji kituputpuhye!

StallordD: Thanks for having us! May your margins see Centauri!

Kean: It was a pleasure! And uh... Just pretend I'm making some clever outro.

Frizzy: Kean, give it a go! Maybe with a joke, so you’re not a dragon all of our witty outros. Hah! Knew I’d get a pun in somewhere.

StallordD: I hate you so much.

Kean: This isn’t even half of what I have to deal with on a daily basis.