Collect and Customize Guide
Start looking for what you need!
Posted On 2020-01-01 00:00:00
Collect and Customize Guide

There are thousands of items to collect in Warframe. Here’s where to start looking for what you need!

The Market

Your first stop when filling out your Arsenal.

Check the in-game Market on your Orbiter for new Weapons and Warframes. Buy blueprints with Credits and start crafting, or use Platinum to purchase fully-constructed items. Here you can also find useful tools — like Ciphers for instantly hacking terminals and Codex Scanners to learn more about the world.

TennoGen & Customizations

Make your loadout truly shine.

The Market is also your main primary stop for cosmetic Customizations. These include community-created TennoGen items. All proceeds from TennoGen purchases are split between the creators and Digital Extremes, making it a great way to support your fellow Tenno even outside the game.

Once you have a Customization you like, choose the “Appearance” option on any piece of equipment in your Arsenal to start designing your own look. “Fashion Frame” is the true heart of Warframe to many players.


Barter your way to a better build!

Meet with other Tenno to trade Mods, blueprints, resources and even Platinum! Trades can be conducted at any Clan Dojo with a Trading Post or at Maroo’s Bazaar on Mars. Keep an eye on the public Trading text channel for Tenno looking to buy and sell their loot, or make your own offers for all to see!


Void Relics

Collect, refine and open Void Relics for ancient rewards.

Crack open Void Relics in Void Fissures to earn blueprints for powerful Prime Warframes and Weapons! Complete Missions to collect Relics and or purchase them from Varzia Dax’s rotating Prime Resurgence selection with Aya at Maroo’s Bazaar. Prime Access will also unlock the latest Prime Warframe and Weapon instantly.


Dojo Research Labs

Work together to research even more equipment.

Join a Clan of like-minded Tenno or create your own! Besides offering another way to play with friends, being part of a Clan will also grant you access to an exclusive, multiplayer base of operations: your very own Dojo. Dojos are fully customizable and can be fitted with Research Labs to unlock even more Warframe, Weapon and Archwing blueprints!