Citrine's Last Wish
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Posted On 2023-02-14 09:56:00
Citrine's Last Wish

Citrine Warframe Citrine Warframe

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Citrine's Last Wish

A new Warframe arrives in the Origin System, as beautiful and deadly as the fractal gems that she wields in combat! Experience a brand new Mission type that has you defending objectives connected by the Void on both Mars and Venus, and add Citrine as well as her signature new Weapons to your Arsenal in Citrine’s Last Wish!

Available now on all platforms!

New Warframe: Citrine

Gaze upon the Crystal Bastion. Citrine’s crystalline might supports allies on the battlefield and combat only enhances her fractal beauty. Pick up the new Crystal Bastion Collection on launch day in the Market or earn Citrine Blueprints in the new Mirror Defense Mission!

Crystal Bastion Collection features:

Citrine Warframe
Citrine Kalite Helmet
Steflos Shotgun
Alumeti Sugatra
Citrine Sigil
Belric and Rania Reunited Ship Decoration

Instead of a Leverian, you can reveal Citrine’s origins by visiting Otak in the Necralisk on Deimos and by playing the new Tyana Pass Mission on Mars. Citrine’s Prex Card can also be obtained from Otak.


Passive: Geoluminesence
When Citrine picks up a Health Orb, an aura surrounds her that steadily provides additional health over time.

Fractured Blast:
Slash and stagger enemies with a crystal blast that inflicts Bleed. Enemies afflicted with this Status Effect have an increased chance of dropping Health and Energy Orbs.. *Fractured Blast is Citrine’s Helminth Ability at 50% strength.

Preserving Shell
Citrine guards herself and nearby allies with a crystalline shell that gradually decays. Kills and assists increase the defensive power of the shell.

Prismatic Gem
Deploy a gem that shoots prismatic beams. The gem targets enemies that are taking weapon damage from Citrine and her allies. Its beams inflict Heat, Cold, Toxin, and Electricity Status Effects. Status Chance and Status Duration increase for nearby allies.. *Prismatic Gem is Citrine’s Railjack ability - can be used to deploy a geode via the Tactical Menu.

Citrine summons crystal fractals. The fractals rush forward, seeking enemies. Enemies touched by the fractals are paralyzed by crystalline growths. Hit the growths to deal increased damage.

New Mission Node: Tyana Pass

Defend lovers encased in crystal on both Mars and Venus in one Mission! In response to the connection between Belric and Rania, The Void has bored a hole in space to connect their preserved bodies for eternity.

However, the Grineer and Corpus won’t sit idly by, and they are already descending upon the tunnel and crystals to try and harness their power for themselves. It’s up to the Tenno to use the mysterious Void tunnel between worlds to defend Rania’s Crystal on Mars and Belric’s Crystal on Venus.

Collect Citrine’s Remnants found throughout the area to further crystallize the two lovers, restoring their Health and awakening the defensive Prismatic Ward.

As your reward, you’ll receive new Resources, the Belric & Rania Fragments as well as Blueprints for Citrine, new Weapons Blueprints for the Steflos and Corufell and more!

 Citrine's Last Wish

New Customizations: Drifter Visage Ink

Adorn your Drifter with expressive body art designs to showcase your unique style! When Citrine’s Last Wish launches, you can find 3 new Visage Ink Collections in the Market or get the full variety of Visage Ink instantly with the Multiform Visage Ink Bundle.

 Citrine's Last Wish

Rhino Deathwatch Skin

Become a harbinger of death and stretch your wings with the Rhino Deathwatch Skin. Complete with the Rhino Deathwatch Wings auxiliary attachment, which come with custom insect-inspired sounds, you can find this iridescent Warframe Skin in the Market starting on launch day!

Or if customizable Voidshell Skins are more your style, turn the heat up on your Fashion Frame with the new Ember Voidshell Skin!

 Citrine's Last Wish