Save Earth's Forests from the Grineer
Posted On 2013-12-18 17:59:51

Join your fellow Tenno in Warframe’s latest event: The Cicero Crisis!

The Forests of Earth have evolved. Centuries of manipulation by the Orokin have created breeds of super plants that grow tougher and faster than anything seen before. Until now the Grineer have been unable to conquer these unruly forests, but Councilor Vay Hek plans to use his Cicero Toxin to clear the land and make way for Grineer settlements.

Visit Earth and sabotage Councilor Vay Hek's plans!

-  Visit and Select the unique Mission located on Earth!
-  Be sure to equip your Codex Scanner! Scan plants on Earth to collect necessary samples and data of mysterious plants!
- Collecting the correct number of plant scans will unlock the permanent use of a Foundry Blueprint that can be used to create one of a variety of anti-toxins.
- Equip and carry one of the anti-toxins into a mission and load it into the Cicero Toxin injectors that you must find in the mission.
- Work solo or with a team. Each player can take a different anti-toxin into the mission to create a combination of anti-toxins. Combining anti-toxins will make them last longer and increase your score.
- These Forest missions will have dynamic Day and Night settings! Every six hours, Day will change to Night, and Night to Day as the cycle goes on! New plants will appear throughout the Day and Night, so be sure to explore at different times!

The Cicero Crisis is on now and will end on Monday, January 6 at 12 PM EST.

Upon completing each mission, all Tenno in your Squad will receive the same point score. This score is determined by the rarity of anti-toxins used in the mission:
Common anti-toxin = 10 points
Uncommon anti-toxin = 15 points
Rare anti-toxin = 25 points
Super rare anti-toxin = 100 points

To achieve a 400 point score, all four Tenno in your Squad must bring a Super rare anti-toxin worth 100 points each, and successfully defend the Cicero Toxin injector.

Solo and Squad Scoring – Aim for your personal best! Your best mission score will be saved (max 400).
Clan Scoring - Score = Sum of participating member’s highest scores.

- Score 10 points and you will receive an Event Badge.
- Score 50 points and you will receive a set of 4x Dual Stat Mods (Status chance + Toxic Damage).
- Score 100 points and you will earn a set of Twin Wraith Vipers!
- A Gold, Silver and Bronze Clan Statue will be distributed to the top three Clans in each Clan Tier.

Go forth with your Codex Scanner, search out the ingredients needed and neutralize the Cicero Toxin!