Chroma Prime Build Guide

Wielder of the elements (and inspired by the fiery majesty of dragons), Chroma Prime has recently re-emerged from the Prime Vault.

Whether you’re planning to earn his Blueprints from Void Relics that you can craft in your Foundry, or add the Chroma Pack instantly to your Arsenal, you’ll need to consider how to mod him before you jump into the fray!

To that end, we’ve compiled several helpful Community guides to help you get the most from your builds. With the added strength these builds provide, you’ll be able unleash the power of the dragon in no time!

L1fewater: Chroma with Warcry is a Melee God!

Check out L1fewater’s build guide from 2021 to see how you can utilize subsumable Abilities via the Helminth system to round out your Chroma build!

L1fewater recommends swapping out Chroma’s Effigy for Valkyr’s Warcry to keep your Melee attack speed up while you shred through enemies. Utilizing Strength and Duration Mods such as Umbral Intensify, Blind Rage and Primed Continuity helps to ensure that your Abilities keep you buffed and protected while dealing truly impressive levels of damage.

For Elemental Ward, he recommends using the heat buff for extra HP. Cold and Toxin are decent options as well (for more Armor or faster reload, respectively), but Electric should be avoided, as it increases your shields and makes shield-gating more difficult.

The idea is to prime your enemies with Status Effects, using Weapons such as the Epitaph, Kuva Nukor or Cedo. Cycle to the element you want for your Elemental Ward effect, and then cast your buffing Abilities for maximum damage output!

Brozime: Strength Chroma

Brozime recommends orienting your playstyle exclusively around Chroma’s Vex Armor and Elemental Ward to get the most out of your build. When selecting Mods, the focus should be on Strength and Duration. Similar to L1fewater’s Melee God build, this prevents you from dying while drastically increasing your damage. Brozime prefers to keep the Effigy Ability, as it can lead to higher profits during Credit-hunting Missions such as Profit Taker.
In terms of Arcanes, Arcane Grace is a useful addition for health regeneration, while Arcane Deflection is good for avoiding Slash procs (which help keep you alive during Steel Path Missions). If you’re looking for a solid option while Eidolon Hunting, consider using Arcane Nullifier.

Empower is a helpful Helminth Ability that you can use to buff your other Abilities. Adding Nezha’s Firewalker to this build is a nice option also, as it can purge Chroma of Status Effects (same for any Squadmates who pass through its sacred flames).

Grind Hard Squad: The Strongest Chroma Prime Build 2021

Grind Hard Squad’s solo-oriented Chroma Prime build is a great go-to for when you feel like walking the Steel Path (it’s essentially a survivability-oriented version of their earlier high-damage, high-defense Chroma build, so it’s much better suited to higher-level Missions).

The key to unlocking Chroma’s survivability with this build is Gloom. This particular subsumable Ability allows for low-range builds that still enable you to take advantage of its life-stealing properties while utilizing the same Strength and Duration-focused Mod set-up as our previous guides. Note that Primed Flow is recommended for Missions with high concentrations of Infested Enemies, as they tend to drain more Energy.

In addition to the Steel Path, this build should be more than suitable for ordinary Star Chart Missions, as well as endurance Survival runs. While the other builds in this article have emphasized Strength and Duration, they are also oriented around using Chroma within a Squad (as either a source of buffs, or high DPS). Grind Hard Squad’s Gloom build makes Chroma a viable contender for all manner of solo-play.

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This wraps up our feature on Chroma Prime builds! Make sure to check out all the talented Warframe Creators for even more tips and builds.

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