Baruuk Prime Access
Take advantage of instant access while you still can until March 15!
Posted On 2022-11-29 09:04:00
Baruuk Prime Access

Patience gives way to unleashed fury in Baruuk Prime Access! Instantly add the latest Prime Warframe, his signature Prime Weapons and exclusive Prime Accessories to your Arsenal for a limited time.

Baruuk Prime Access

Baruuk Prime
Doomed are the fools who attack the peace and exhaust the restraint of this reluctant warrior.

Cobra & Crane Prime
Punish those who test your restraint. The first strike in a combo stuns enemies when Cobra & Crane Prime are wielded by Baruuk.

Afuris Prime
Vanquish chaos with dual firepower.

Exclusive Baruuk Prime Glyphs

Baruuk Prime Accessories feature:
Asila Prime Syandana
Vaaditum Prime Ephemera
Baruuk Prime Mandala
90 Day Resource Booster
90 Day Affinity Booster

Until March 15, add Baruuk Prime to your Arsenal instantly with Baruuk Prime Access! Earn Relics in-game to craft Baruuk Prime, Cobra & Crane Prime and Afuris Prime in your Foundry.