Baking with Lotus

Do you smell that, Tenno? Someone has been baking in their Liset!

What a perfect time to strap your apron on with Valentine's Day approaching. Don't celebrate Valentine's Day? No worries! Let's get romantic anyway and bake some Warframe treats! You'll need Gallium Glaze, Salvage Sugar, Ferrite Flour, and anything else you've got in your pantry!

Create a real-life Warframe themed treat and snap a picture of it. Post your photo and treat recipe in this Forum thread. for judging! Get creative with how you can make it Warframe themed.

1st place – 1000 Platinum and 1 freshly baked Orokin Reactor
2nd place – 750 Platinum
3rd place – 500 Platinum

Not only will you win Platinum, but the first place winner will be baked by each Prime Time host and taste-tested on air with various members of the team to see who recreated your treat better! Recipes must be included!

For full rules and information, visit this Forum thread.

Pre-heat your oven, flour up your rolling pin, and get baking, Tenno!