Back to School – Special Alerts Week

We’ve got a week of Alerts with awesome rewards coming your way!

From now until September 14, three, 24-hour Alert Missions will appear daily at 2 PM EDT.

Complete these Alerts and you could earn the following rewards:

Monday, Sept. 8: Kubrow ate my Homework!
Alert 1: Kubrow Egg
Alert 2: Link Health Mod
Alert 3: Bite Mod

Tuesday, Sept. 9: Engineers are a student’s best friend!
Alert 1: Vauban Helmet
Alert 2: Vauban Systems
Alert 3: Vauban Chassis

Wednesday, Sept. 10: Homework is a Nightmare!
Alert 1: Hammershot
Alert 2: Fortitude
Alert 3: Blaze

Thursday, Sept. 11: Don’t let friends Corrupt you!
Alert 1: Blind Rage
Alert 2: Narrow Minded
Alert 3: Fleeting Expertise

Friday, Sept. 12: Schoolyard Stancefights!
Alert 1: Crimson Dervish
Alert 2: Tranquil Cleave
Alert 3: Gleaming Talon

Saturday, Sept. 13: Cite your Resources in MLA format!
Alert 1: Neurode
Alert 2: Orokin Cell
Alert 3: Argon Crystal

Sunday, Sept. 14: Weekend almost over!
Alert 1: Forma BP
Alert 2: Forma Crafted (item)
Alert 3: Orokin Catalyst

Special Alerts are on now! Get them before they’re gone!