The first round of Warframe Tennogen skins on Steam Workshop have been selected and are now available for purchase via Steam. A major congratulations goes out to the talented community members who were selected to be our first community-created Tennogen Skins:

• Knaita Mag v2, by prosetisen
• Rota Syandana, by Master Noob
• Hellkite Liset, by MaceMadunusus
• Quilate Liset, by polygonmonster
• AMP - Volt 1.3, by Faven_PS
• Vespula Gold Excalbur, by polygonmonster
• Sybaris Overload v2, by 鈴仙・優曇華院

As a special note: Opening Warframe through Steam may require re-installation. Any player on PC is eligible to purchase these skins as long as their account is tied to Steam.

We're excited for this opportunity to share Warframe as a playground for creative and talented Tenno all over the world. Keep creating and voting for your favorite Tennogen Skins. This isn't just for bragging rights, if you submit and get selected you'll also receive 30% of the sales received from your item! For more information on what skins are available, be sure to visit Warframe's Steam Workshop page here.

Please see our FAQ for further information on our Steam Workshop launch.