Face your greatest Trial yet. A massive Corpus ship with signs of heavy Infestation has appeared in the System. It's unlike anything Tenno have encountered before. Exploring the ship requires speed and cunning, as clouds of Infested spores threaten to consume anything that dares enter.

Too dangerous to approach with a landing craft, Tenno need to deploy Archwing to find an entry point into the drifting ship. Surviving in such thickly Infested space means Tenno must move quickly. Once inside, the Lotus' warriors must find a way to endure the constant barrage of Infested spores.

Multiple expeditions into the ship may be required, but only a squad fully equipped to handle the mounting Infestation will be able to dispatch this threat.

Equip yourselves and enter the belly of the beast, Tenno. Something sinister lurks in the heart of this Infestation. The J-3 Jordas Golem awaits.