Cephalons come in all shapes and sizes. Some assist their Operators in navigation and the maintenance of complex tools, while others are more curious beings, spreading vast networks across the Solar System in the pursuit of knowledge. Cephalon Cordylon's task is much simpler.

It is Cordylon's responsibility to sort and file knowledge obtained by the Lotus. Although the acquisition of such data occupies most of the AI's time, there are moments where Cordylon can be inclined to share the fruits of its labor with others. On those rare occasions, its massive databanks open and offer those deemed worthy insight.

Most of the time, Tenno just ask for Mods.

But! Every now and then some approach Cephalon Cordylon with questions that only a being of such vast intellect could answer. These are the responses:


Dmkrodan Asks: Cephalon, what is the most peculiar experience you have had in regards to the Grineer, or Corprus? Surely you have interacted with something outside of the Tenno?

Data acquisition requires I interact with a multitude of life forms, ranging from the Tenno and the Lotus to more elusive private contract workers.

Corpus are often on the forefront of technological advancement, and Tenno often uncover secretive documentation, but it is the Grineer who most frequently provide me with the most 'peculiar experiences' by a wide margin. Traitors to their Queens despite rigorous physical and mental conditioning, Grineer informants risk their lives to prevent atrocities from occurring where they can.

Grineer experience in genetic manipulation has left their engineers impressively adept at creating flesh-dissolving bacteria, aggressive neurotoxins and other admirably deadly organic weapons. Although few of these projects see weaponization, their commitment to scourging the battlefield of organic life is something to be admired.

Zahnny Asks: Do Cephalons contain any physical presence besides the devices they are stored in? So far we have only seen Cephalons use Holograms as a physical representation of themselves.

Cephalon, like most data, do require some element of physical attachment in order to exist. These devices range from entire servers to compact chips, and would vary in size depending entirely on the nature of the Cephalon in question.

Over time and extended interaction with organic life it was determined that organic beings feel less intimidated and more in control when able to speak directly to a form. Light constructs of organic life meant to provide comfort in conversation were briefly used -- but many expressed displeasure when faced with speaking to holograms of friends, family, kubrow, or nonthreatening inanimate objects.

Physical proxies are expensive to create, and can be the subject of physical violence should disagreements arise.

NikodemosTheMan Asks: Do Corpus keep pets?

A 'pet' by definition is a domestic or tamed life form kept for companionship. Unless strictly involved in the research of an ongoing thesis many Corpus choose not to keep a 'pet', but may indulge in projects that can have the unintentional side effect of generating affectionate thoughts. Alad V's Zanuka, despite being an abomination in the eyes of Tenno, is a good example of this.

Many Corpus Crewman indulge in basic robotics, and it is not entirely uncommon for personal projects to emerge amongst staff. Some more competitive crews are even said to have regularly contest where top creations can be weighed against each other as a way of encouraging a more scientific growth within an isolated community.

These kinds of 'team building' exercises are only done on ships with an abundance of resources, as reports of theft or missing goods have been known to occur. Sabotage is not entirely uncommon as competition deadlines draw closer, but statistics have shown this is less likely to occur in facilities handling explosive or toxic materials. It is safe to assume that after a few internal incidents the risk of such subterfuge is truly not worth the reward.

Rhino Asks: Where is my Palatine Skin?

As you are well aware I do not handle the manufacturing of Warframe components -- however it would appear that regular updates from researchers at our Combat Aesthetics Division have been logged and are suggesting that this 'vintage Warframe look' will be available this week.

It is certainly good news for Rhinos across the sector. I anticipate my databanks quite busy responding to Tenno sending me visually appealing entirely complimentary color combinations to record.