Ask A Cephalon
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Posted On 2015-03-17 10:21:29
Ask A Cephalon

Cephalons come in all shapes and sizes. Some assist their Operators in navigation and the maintenance of complex tools, while others are more curious beings, spreading vast networks across the Solar System in the pursuit of knowledge. Cephalon Cordylon's task is much simpler.

It is Cordylon's responsibility to sort and file knowledge obtained by the Lotus. Although the acquisition of such data occupies most of the AI's time, there are moments where Cordylon can be inclined to share the fruits of its labor with others. On those rare occasions, its massive databanks open and offer those deemed worthy insight.

Most of the time, Tenno just ask for Mods.

But! Every now and then some approach Cephalon Cordylon with questions that only a being of such vast intellect could answer. These are the responses:

Arceus255 asks: Long story, but I happened to have a bit of a fire in my Liset. Wasn't cautious with my Ignis. I have a violin and a keyboard. What music do I play in a relay for some credits? I really need to afford repairs.

Tenno, before we proceed I must remind you to take all appropriate measures when handling any firearm in the enclosed-environment of your Liset. Additionally, while some Tenno may find it 'cool' to remove the safety features of their weaponry to maximize damage potential, it is imperative to remember that these mechanisms exist for your continued well-being.

To answer your question, there are many wonderful musical compositions that could earn you a plentiful amount of credits. "Profit, My Love" would likely earn you fair attention from the Perrin Sequence, but if you're particularly adept I recommend learning "Brushstrokes of Ganymede". While technically complex, it is appreciated as a classic for its evocative melody and suggestive lyrics.

If you're finding a lack of success with musical 'talent' I would also recommend offering your service to the Gas Cities of Jupiter. While the Corpus are naturally opposed to Tenno presence, the construction of their colonies often feature many elevators with no ambiance. One could easily occupy an elevator platform and charge for a private performance, encouraged by force if necessary.

Perhaps it is a lucrative market, yet to be capitalized on.

DarkTails asks: Will Saryn ever forgive me for borrowing her boa brush and forgetting to return it?

Maintaining a well-kept boa in the heat of combat is no easy feat. Regular maintenance must be done before and after any kind of mission, and despite Saryn's boa being constructed with well above-average material the upkeep required to maintain its appealing visual aesthetic is quite intensive.

Organics often say that forgiveness comes with time. If there is truth to such an adage I would recommend returning her brush as soon as possible. Additionally, I would recommend a full decontamination on you and anything that brush may have come in contact with.

Othergrunty asks: What's up with the potted plant in the Steel Meridian room on the relays? I would ask him myself, but you know... Tenno... speaking... the rules.

While I am aware of the existence of this portable flora I cannot speak on behalf of Steel Meridian nor the flora's specific caretaker. One could imagine they keep it for the same reason one keeps a pet. Perhaps it provides comfort or has a sentimental value to the Grineer separatists?

Many organic life forms give names to creatures or objects they find endearing. Perhaps an easy way to determine the value of this flora is to eavesdrop on their conversations and see if they've assigned it a name. I am sure there are many locations one can hide within Steel Meridian's enclave.

Monybags33: If you could pick any pet for yourself what would it be, also why?

Intelligent organic life forms take 'pets' for reasons ranging from sentimental to symbiotic. As I do not require a 'pet' for emotional reasons, were I to take one it would likely be to serve a definable purpose.

Although the Lotus provides me with everything required to complete my primary objective I would not object to additional. Corpus Osprey drones have proven to be adept at relocating materials, and with some slight modifications could be used to handle some of the physical data I am given on occasion.

Corpus Osprey units also hold an impressive variety of armaments -- ideal for handling potential thieves or intruders. Of course, no one has successfully managed to infiltrate my database and survive, but adaptation is key for preventing future espionage attempts.

Larkary asks: I'd like to know who manages the data from our Codex scans. Does the data get sent to you, or does Ordis handle it all?

Tenno often complete their Codex to stockpile a personal inventory of knowledge on various enemies and environments. Many share their findings with one another, and those who wish to do so often go through Cephalon Simaris.

While working with Simaris is by no means required, the benefits from shared intelligence cannot be ignored. It is my understanding that Simaris is building a Sanctuary on Relays designed to compile the data of organic life forms for future preservation. I would highly recommend visiting it when its construction has been complete.

Simaris' goals are truly admirable. A future where organic life can persist in a digital form has many benefits. Perhaps one day we will be able to administer such immortalization to entire civilizations…