Acolytes Return
Take down the Stalker's minions on all platforms today!
Posted On 2017-12-21 14:00:00
Acolytes Return

Be wary, Tenno, the Acolytes have returned!

The motives of the Acolytes are as mysterious as the Stalker himself, but we know one thing for sure: they are ruthless and deadly. Seek out each of them on your Solar Map and put an end to their plotting.

Since their first appearance in Operation: Shadow Debt, the Acolytes have periodically returned to the Origin System to act as an extension of the Stalker’s will and to hunt priority targets. Although their origins and goals remain unclear, they bear an unsettling resemblance to the Tenno Warframes. You will find they have familiar looks and abilities, but they harbor only hatred for the Tenno. Track the Acolytes down as quickly as you can; they can be as elusive as they are unrelenting.