Abyss of Dagath coming October 2023
Gather round for the tale of a haunting new Warframe.
Posted On 2023-08-26 13:39:00
Abyss of Dagath coming October 2023

A haunting and harrowing update is coming to the Origin System this October, Tenno! Just in time for fall, hear the tale of the 54th Warframe in Abyss of Dagath! Featuring a new Warframe, a new Naberus-themed story and a swarm of Quality of Life improvements, this update is sure to send a tingle down your spine.

 Abyss of Dagath coming October 2023

New Warframe - Dagath

When Abyss of Dagath launches this October, you’ll hear all about the 54th Warframe in a new Naberus-inspired story from the Entrati Grandmother. For now, we can tell you that Dagath’s appearance and kit bear some resemblance to a certain equine companion you may have met in Duviri — and that she’ll come with a brand-new Blade and Whip Melee Weapon for you to master!

Stay tuned for more details as we approach Abyss of Dagath, Tenno!

Quality of Life Changes

Some of the biggest changes coming with Abyss of Dagath aim to improve the broader gameplay experience, including a major overhaul of Companions and a Rework for the aquatic swashbuckler, Hydroid!

Other changes include: 
Auto Melee
Focus Acquisition Rework
And much more!

You’ll be able to hear more about Dagath and the full update in our upcoming September Devstream as we prepare for Abyss of Dagath this October!