Abyss of Dagath Available Now On All Platforms
Steel yourself for the frightful 54th Warframe, QoL Updates, and more
Posted On 2023-09-28 10:25:00
Abyss of Dagath Available Now On All Platforms

Dagath Dagath

Available now on all platforms

Abyss of Dagath

Gather round and listen well, Tenno: Grandmother is back with another spine-chilling Naberus tale to commemorate the spookiness of the season! Learn the sullen and tragic backstory of the faceless horse rider who stalks the Origin System in search of retribution: the terrifying 54th Warframe, Dagath.


Initially revealed during the Art of Warframe Panel at TennoCon 2023, Dagath’s malice deals exceptionally high damage to those unlucky enough to stand in her way. Inflict pain while boosting your own Abilities thanks to Doom, or wield Rakhali's Cavalry and let loose the unrelenting fury of five powerful, spectral Kaithes.

 Abyss of Dagath Coming October 18


Gaze into the mirror that accuses. This collection includes the Dagath Warframe, her Dorrclave weapon, the Dagath Ganceann Helmet and the all-new Aumen Kaithe Gear:


After 10 kills or assists, the Dorrclave enters a spectral state that doubles weapon Follow Through and guarantees Status Effects for the next 10 attacks. In Dagath's hands, each active Status Effect heals her slightly.


Glory in the ghoulish splendor of a pierced skull thanks to this hair-raising Alternate Helmet for Dagath.

 Abyss of Dagath Coming October 18


Includes the fearsomely elegant curves of the Aumen Chamfron, the stylishly spiky Aumen Saddle and the magnificent Aumen Tail to complete your Kaithe’s new look.


Purchase Abyssal Beacons from any Faction Syndicate to reveal the Abyssal Zone ship on Ceres. Locate stranded Syndicate members within the Mission to reveal where Defixios are located and bring them to Extraction. Exterminate the enemies onboard and get out of there! The new Resource, Vainthorn, needed to craft Dagath and the Dorrclave is awarded from these Missions. If you want additional Rewards and added difficulty, try the Steel Path variant!

Abyss of Dagath Coming October 18


Discover a brand new Dojo Room created in honor of this faceless new rider: Dagath’s Hollow. Customize your Kaithe outside of Duviri for the very first time and learn more about Dagath’s horrific backstory. Customize your own sinister-looking Kaithe mount with a bevy of new Dagath-themed Customizations.


 Abyss of Dagath Available Now On All Platforms

Hydroid Rework

Command the high seas in a whole new way thanks to a rework for the tidal plunderer, Hydroid! Check out major changes that improve his existing Abilities while also introducing a brand new one: Plunder. Now you can steal Armor from enemies within view and convert it into bonus Corrosive Weapon Damage!

Watch for the following changes:

  • New Passive: Enemies damaged by Hydroid become more vulnerable to Status and reduce their Armor
  • Changing Impact Damage to Corrosive Damage
  • Removing Charge Mechanics
  • Tempest Barrage deals Corrosive and Staggers enemies
  • Tidal Surge can be steered; applies Corrosive Status and erases Hydroid’s negative Status Effects
  • Undertow replaced with Plunder; applies Corrosive & strips Armor, increasing Hydroid’s Armor and Weapon damage

 Abyss of Dagath Available Now On All Platforms

Companions Rework

Tenno rejoice! Your companions live to fight another day! Companions will now have improved vitality and no longer permanently fall during Missions (Companions will become incapacitated instead).

 Abyss of Dagath Available Now On All Platforms

Nightwave Updates

A number of Nightwave Missions have been reworked, new permanent Acts have been added and certain Act requirements have been reduced so that Tenno can start working through Nightwave Ranks with greater ease to earn Rewards.


 Abyss of Dagath Available Now On All Platforms

Be sure to visit Daughter’s shop on Deimos to check out her seasonal decorations and peruse a selection of festive offerings — including new Bundles to commemorate the Nights of Naberus!

From October 4 to November 1, you can use Mother Tokens to earn Rewards, such as the new Day of the Dead skin for the Gammacor and more chilling new decorations for your Orbiter.

 Abyss of Dagath Coming October 18


Enjoy every morbidly festive Customization from Day of the Dead V with the Complete Collection, including the full Vetala Armor Pack and ghastly Day of the Dead Skins for the Acceltra, Cycron, Skiajati, Gammacor and Corvas. You’ll also get to dress for the occasion with the Suparna Day of the Dead Syandana.

 Abyss of Dagath Coming October 18


Spread your wings and hunt through the night. This collection includes the deliciously nightmarish Cavum Sentinel Mask, Wings and Tail, along with the beastly new Awlspan Syandana.

 Abyss of Dagath Coming October 18


A vampiric look for the Lotus to wear during the ancient festival of death and mischief. Now you can enjoy it all year long!


Abyss of Dagath Available Now On All Platforms

New Voidshell Skins:

Voidshell Skins have been added for a number of your favorite Warframes! Now you can customize the Material Structures of Protea, Mirage and Nidus!

Grendel Prime Access

Feast amid the stench of battle with the ever-ravenous Grendel Prime! The all-devouring Warframe arrives in the latest Prime Access on October 18. Initially revealed at TennoCon 2023, Grendel Prime Access will also feature Prime versions of his Signature Weapons Masseter Prime as well as Zylok Prime for you to further eviscerate your enemies.

 Abyss of Dagath Available Now On All Platforms

Quest to Conquer Cancer

Warframe is teaming up with The Princess Margaret Foundation once again to support their Quest to Conquer Cancer campaign! Officially kicking off on October 2, Tenno will have two primary options to help support the campaign and raise funds for cancer research. Donate directly via the official Warframe Team Donor Drive page and/or purchase exclusive Warframe charity merchandise. (Net proceeds to be donated once the campaign concludes.)