Fan Merchandise Policy

Last Updated Date: Aug 11, 2022

Tenno often ask us whether it’s okay to create and sell merchandise based on Warframe. The creativity fans have shown over the years truly motivates us and we love seeing your creations. We also want all Tenno to have the best experience possible, so we’ve prepared some guidelines to refer to for those interested in making and selling their own works.

  • Making and selling hand-made or personally 3D printed* fan merchandise and items inspired by Warframe is generally accepted. You do not need express written permission from us to do so, however, we do not allow mass-production or mass-distribution of items (unless you do have specified permission from us).
  • We understand that not everyone owns a sticker printer or t-shirt press machine, so if another party is producing the items for you, we ask you to limit the runs of these projects instead of ordering and selling a huge quantity of product.
  • Clarify that your products are unofficial items that are not related to or authorized by Digital Extremes. Do not use the “Digital Extremes” , “Warframe” or “Evolution Engine” trademarks or logos.
  • Do not use official art or assets from Warframe, be they in-game assets or web assets owned by Digital Extremes. For example, the Lotus symbol pulled from in-game, or any piece of art created and/or owned by Digital Extremes for its web pages should not be used for fan merchandise.
  • Do not use the likeness of Digital Extremes’ employees/developers without permission.
  • Do not make items that are significantly similar to official items offered by Digital Extremes or any of Digital Extremes’ authorized licenses.
  • Only sell items directly to customers (for example, via Etsy© or at conventions). Do not sell them on large online-stores (for example: TeePublic©, RedBubble©, Displate©, Society6® or©) We want you to personally sell and ship the items to your customers.
  • Do not associate Digital Extremes or Warframe with content that doesn't adhere to our policies, i.e. content that is offensive, inappropriate, or otherwise in poor taste.
  • We reserve the right to ask you to remove any works at any time at our sole discretion for any reason. We also reserve the right to update this policy at any time and for any reason.

* "personally 3D printed" refers to printing original designs based on items and characters from Warframe, not 3D printing existing in-game assets ripped directly from game files.

We truly appreciate your compliance with this policy. If you have further questions, here are some examples to help illustrate our policy in practice:

Example 1

Maro is selling engraved wood coasters inspired by Warframe on Etsy©. She has made 10 sets of 6 different coasters total. Did she act in accordance with the policy?

YES! Via Etsy©, Maro is selling a limited quantity of items inspired by Warframe and is personally responsible for both the communication with customers and shipping the items.

Example 2

Alan created a digital art piece of The Lotus from Warframe that was well received online, and would like to screen-print the design on t-shirts, so he can sell them locally or at conventions. He ordered a quantity of 50 from a custom screen-printing company. Did he act in accordance with the policy?

YES! Alan is making a small run of t-shirts based on his original design, and is selling them directly to his customers.

Example 3

Elaine has a 3D printer at home and loves printing items based on assets in Warframe. They sell 3D printed statues, cosplay pieces (for example: armor and weapon replicas) based on the characters and items in Warframe. They have garnered a passionate social media following for their 3D printed work. Elaine makes some of their items in bulk - quantities of 10 at time, but customers can also contact them and commission unique pieces via Elaine’s personal website. Did they act in accordance with the policy?

YES! Elaine is creating and selling a limited quantity of customized items that are not significantly similar to items that are offered by Digital Extremes or any of Digital Extremes’ authorized licenses. The files that were 3D printed were not directly ripped from the game, but rather, 3D model files Elaine created from scratch. Elaine is also responsible for the communication and shipping of the items to their customers.

Example 4

Example 4: Dustin is quite fond of several glyph designs that are available in Warframe, and thinks they would be amazing as enamel pins. Many of his fellow Tenno agree! Knowing that many people would buy them, he ordered a batch of 500 enamel pins, based on several of the game’s most popular in-game glyphs. Did he act in accordance with the policy?

NO! Dustin is using artwork from the game as the basis of his merchandise. Further, he ordered a considerably large run of these items, i.e. is mass-producing these items. This violates our policy and we ask that you do not create or sell such items.

Example 5

Carol is looking for a specific style of sweater with the official Warframe logo printed on the front. She couldn’t find the look she was hoping for and so she found a PNG image of the official Warframe logo and uploaded it to an online-store that offers custom printed items. She loved it so much that she decided to keep it on the storefront so that other customers can purchase items with her ‘custom design’ - she even makes some money off of the sales and doesn’t have to worry about contacting customers or shipping. Did she act in accordance with the policy?

NO! Carol used the official Warframe logo and uploaded it to an online-storefront; not only did she enable her ‘custom design’ to be purchased by other customers on the website, but she is also making an income based on the sale revenue. This violates our policy. We ask that you do not use any official trademarks, logos, art or assets from Warframe to upload or sell them on large online-stores including (but not limited to) TeePublic©, RedBubble©, Displate©, Society6® or©

Example 6

Armin has built up a sizable social media following, largely due to his digital art involving unique takes on his favourite video game characters. Followers have been telling Armin for months that they would buy prints of his art if they could, so he opens a shop to sell his original art as prints and stickers. Some of the items for sale in his online shop include Armin’s versions of characters from Warframe. Did he act in accordance with the policy?

YES! Armin is selling his original art through an e-commerce shop where he is personally responsible for the communication with and shipping to customers. There is no mass production involved, nor did Armin use any official art assets from the game. As such, Armin is free to sell his prints to anybody interested in owning one!

Example 7

Gabi has been accepting art commissions for years where she’ll draw unique anime style profile pictures for clients. A recent client on Twitter inquired if Gabi would accept a commission for an anime style drawing of Octavia from Warframe. Gabi accepts the commission and creates a gorgeous Octavia art piece for her client to use as an online profile picture. Did she act in accordance with the policy?

YES! Gabi is selling a single, original piece of art directly to a client. There is nothing close to mass production occurring, and no in-game art assets were used in the design. Gabi is free to accept this Warframe themed commission request and any future Warframe themed commissions.

Thank you for reading our Fan Merchandise Policy. We look forward to seeing more of your own creations and what you do with them.

If you come across an item that violates our above policy, please report it via in the Community section using the ‘Report Creator Conduct’ option.