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Warframe TennoGuard Two-Factor Authentication FAQ

What is TennoGuard Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?

This feature provides an additional level of security to your PC Warframe account and will help prevent unauthorized access.

How does it work?

Upon first login after activation, Warframe generates and emails you a code that you will need to enter before you log in. The code changes every few minutes and can be used only once. This process will need to be repeated the first time you login to Warframe on every PC you play it on. It is therefore very important that you use a valid and trustworthy email address. Please also know that future email changes can only be made while you still have access to your email address.

What are the benefits of having TennoGuard 2FA enabled?

In addition to increasing security around access to your PC account, TennoGuard 2FA is required to trade in-game items with fellow Tenno in Warframe! You are also able to change the email associated with your account yourself through the Account Management page.

Why is TennoGuard 2FA required to trade?

It is required to protect both parties from participating in account invasion-related situations. When both players have TennoGuard 2FA enabled, it helps to ensure that the persons trading are the legitimate account holders trading their own items.

What do I receive for enabling TennoGuard 2FA?

Once TennoGuard 2FA is enabled on your account, you will receive a free 3-Day Affinity Booster! Your Booster will be sent to you via in-game inbox message from Ordis.

If I already have TennoGuard 2FA enabled, will I receive the 3-Day Affinity Booster?

Yes! If you already have TennoGuard 2FA enabled, you can log in any time to receive the inbox message from Ordis containing the 3-Day Affinity Booster.

How do I enable TennoGuard 2FA on my PC account?

PLEASE NOTE: Before enabling TennoGuard 2FA, be sure that you have access to the email associated with your Warframe PC account.

If you no longer have access to the email associated with your Warframe PC account, submit a ticket to and request an email change. Support will also enable TennoGuard 2FA on your behalf once the email update is complete.

Follow these steps to enable TennoGuard 2FA:

• Log into your PC account on the Warframe website and go to the Account Management page.

• On your account management page, you will see the option to “Enable TennoGuard 2FA”

• You’ll receive an email with a link to confirm. Click the link, and you’re all set!

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Can I enable 2FA on my PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch account?

Each platform offers its own 2FA option. Learn more about how you can enable on each console here.