Darvo’s Merch Deals return

TennoCon is fast approaching and Darvo wants to celebrate by offering you more of his famous deals!

Save up to 35% off select items in the Official Warframe Merch Store, including the Excalibur Bobblehead, Warframe Portrait pins, the elegant Lotus Pendant and more at a deal you won’t find anywhere else in the Origin System!

 Darvo’s Merch Deals return

The following items are on sale with Darvo’s Merch Deals

- Excalibur Bobblehead
- Warframe Portrait Pin Collection 1
- Warframe Portrait Pin Collection 2
- Sunny Pobber Floof
- Nezha & Wukong T-Shirt
- Rhino T-Shirt
- Yareli T-Shirt
- Stainless Steel Lotus Pendant

These items won’t last long, so be sure to scoop them up before Darvo’s Merch Deals end on August 1 at 5 p.m. ET.