Nora’s Mix Vol. 2
It’s that time again, Dreamers
게시일 2022-07-18 10:24:00

 Nora’s Mix Vol. 2

Nora Night has decided to keep the party going for her beloved listeners! Turn up the volume and sink into the sweet sounds of Nora’s Mix Vol. 2.

Complete Nora’s challenging Nightwave Acts to earn Cred redeemable for valuable offerings, including never-before-seen Customizations like the Nightwave Operator Collection (which includes the new Nightwave Suit, Sleeves and Leggings!).


1. Nora’s Mix Vol. 2 Cred x 150
2. Nora Night Glyph Pack
3. Nightwave Landing Craft
4. Spinneret Ephemera
5. Cogna Earpiece
6. Nora’s Mix Vol. 2 Cred x 50
7. Three Forma Bundle
8. Weapon Slots x2
9. Two-Handed Nikana Maligna Skin
10. Nightwave Landing Craft Decoration
11. Nora’s Mix Vol. 2 Cred x 50
12. Kuva x 20,000
13. Critical Precision Tiberon Augment Mod
14. Warframe Slot
15. Cogna Oculus
16. Nora’s Mix Vol. 2 Cred x 50
17. Exilus Weapon Adapter
18. Noggle Statue - Nora Night
19. Boolean Sugatra
20. Exilus Warframe Adapter
21. Nora’s Mix Vol. 2 Cred x 50
22. Necramech Statue
23. Vile Discharge Embolist Augment Mod
24. Nora’s Mix Vol. 2 Cred x 50
25. Cogna Mask
26. Arcane Guardian x3
27. Three Forma Bundle
28. Nightwave Earpieces
29. Umbra Forma
30. Nightwave Operator Collection

Already own some of the above items? No worries! Duplicate Protection will once again grant you Nora’s Mix Vol. 2 Cred instead of any Rewards that are already in your Inventory.