Free Prime with Twitch Prime

Get exciting Warframe content all year with Twitch Prime. Link your Warframe and Twitch Prime accounts to start redeeming today!

Step Two: Link Your Accounts
Step Three: Claim your Free Loot
Note: Each bundle must be claimed individually.
Offer Expired
Trinity Prime Bundle
Offer Expired
Gear Bundle I
Offer Expired
Prime Weapon Bundle
Offer Expired
Gear Bundle II


  1. Create a Twitch Prime Account
    Start a free trial here using your Twitch Account. If you do not already have a Twitch account, you can create one here.

  2. Link Your Warframe and Twitch Prime Accounts
    Link your accounts here, and get your first free item - a Broca Prominence Syandana!

  3. Claim your Free Loot
    Sign in to your Twitch Prime account here and click "Claim Offer" below the Warframe Prime Loot!

  4. Enjoy
    Your free prime loot will be available and boosters will go into effect the next time you log into your linked Warframe account.

Disclaimer: Only the first Warframe account linked to a Twitch Prime Account will receive the offer. For eligible countries and more information on the promotion click here.

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