You are either extremely lucky or a thieving wench.

You probably don’t even appreciate what you have now. My life. My soul. My art. You will need to prove yourself before I reveal the beauty within this work.

Until now, you’ve ignorantly used my creations for whatever suits you, but this is only a taste of what I have accomplished. For now, you can nest my beautiful creations inside your crude Rifle like a sad philistine until you understand the depths of my unique creations.
The first thing you must learn is that each piece of my grand creation is malleable and unique. Each piece is both solitary and part of my fractured self. Do you understand? I fear I may have overwhelmed you already. To begin, I’ll limit you to a dozen and three, but you’ll quickly see the vast array of hidden possibilities, both rapturous and unfavorable. Now, leave me be and return here when you can share what my art has shown you.