• Warframe Creators

    Our Community Creators are talented Tenno making content about Warframe for Warframe players, whether it’s from fan art, to guide videos, and more!


If you’re a Tenno making content about Warframe, we’re looking to support your creator journey! The Creator Program is designed to offer resources that aid your content creation and help you build your community. Check out our program criteria to see if the Creator Program is the right fit for you!

Keep in mind that if you are a non-English speaker, some proficiency in English is needed so that our Community team will be able to work with you efficiently.


The Creator Program is a flexible support system designed for Tenno who create consistent, quality Warframe content. Whether you produce videos about every update, livestream weekly, release unique fan art when you feel inspired, or even create Capturas of your Fashion Frame, we’re looking for dedicated creators who are passionate about Warframe and its community.


Our Warframe Creators are welcome to a variety of support that best suits their content creation needs. Not all program features are guaranteed for every member of the program, and program support is subject to change.

  • A link to your channel(s) on our Warframe Creator Page.
  • Support with giveaways and community events.
  • Instant access to new content upon release (with some exceptions).
  • Chance to be featured through Warframe’s official channels, including but not limited to: Raids on Twitch, featured content on Warframe.com or our social media platforms, Creator Spotlights, and more!


  • Be an active and valuable addition to the Warframe community. We’re looking for Tenno who are passionate, constructive, and professional!
  • Have a Warframe account in good standing, with Two-Factor Authentication active. Learn more about 2FA here.
  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Abide by Warframe's End User License Agreement and Terms of Service, and do not promote the violation of these on any platform associated with their content.
  • Abide by the Creator Code of Conduct on all branded platforms:
    • Creators agree to create content that is welcoming to all Tenno, and foster an inclusive community free from discrimination.
    • Creators cannot make or promote illegal, racist, sexist, hateful, or other offensive material on any platform associated with their content.
Video Producers and Broadcasters:
  • Have at least 1,000 followers or subscribers.
  • Produce high-quality, engaging videos or streams.
Fan Sites, Podcasts, or Other Creators:
  • Be primarily Warframe related.
  • Have a minimum of 1000 monthly unique visitors (MUV), listeners, or followers.
  • Cannot be attributed to a Clan or Alliance, or brand yourself as an “Official” website.
Fan Artists:
  • Have at least 250 followers or watchers on your main art platform. Currently supported platforms: Twitter, DeviantArt, Instagram, or ArtStation.
  • Clearly tag and filter any NSFW content on your branded platforms. We do not want to prevent you from creating this Art, but we will not be linking to sites or accounts that do not follow this guideline. Note: we reserve the right to not offer support if we find that NSFW content produced is illegal or obscene.

For general inquiries or questions about the Creator Program, you can contact us here! To report concerns about a specific Creator, please submit a ticket here.

Our Warframe Creators are independent entities, and their opinions or actions do not reflect that of Digital Extremes. Digital Extremes reserves the right to add or remove Creators from the program for any reason at any time.

Creators who are found to be in violation of any or all Warframe Creator Program Criteria may be subject to removal from the program, or may be contacted privately in regards to their violation. Further violations following a warning can lead to revocation of “Creator” status.

Please note:

Creator Applications are currently closed. Keep an eye on our socials for when they reopen!