Substance Painter Shader

BaseSetup.spsm Smart material:
Put in your Smart Materials folder

AWFExport.spexp PBR Warframe Metalness exporter:
Put in your export presets folder.

AWFExpSpecRuf.spexp PBR Warframe Specular exporter:
Put in your export presets folder.

Painter Shader

We have been working on a Substance Painter shader that is closer to what will appear in Evolution. 
For Substance Painter version 2018.1.3 or earlier :  EvolutionPBR.glsl
For Substance Painter version 2018.2.0 or later :  EvolutionPBR_2018_2_0.glsl
For Substance Painter version 2018.3.1 or later :  EvolutionPBR_2018_3_0.glsl
Put it here: C:\Users\*YourNameHere*\Documents\Allegorithmic\Substance Painter\shelf\shaders
You might have to load the shader twice, once that is done you will be able simulate the Tint colour close to how it will appear in engine.  This will also force some settings to be a more similar to the engine (IE:  1 Sample Per Pixel, AO Intensity disabled as we do not use a separate AO map, etc).

This is still WIP and as we find issues we can get them fixed.