Prime Access Khora
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to the newest Prime Gear and Exclusive items!

Unleash feral fury with the mistress of entrapment and her loyal Companion, Venari.

For a limited time, get Khora Prime & Venari Prime, Hystrix Prime and Dual Keres Prime instantly — PLUS discounted Platinum, Prime Glyphs and exclusive Prime Accessories!

Only after the Exclusive Gear? The choice is yours with Prime Accessories.

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Hystrix Prime & Dual Keres Prime
$ 49 .99 USD
($100.00 Value)
$100.00 Value
Khora Prime & Venari Prime
Exclusive Prime Glyphs
$ 79 .99 USD
($205.00 Value)
$205.00 Value
Khora Prime & Venari Prime
Exclusive Prime Glyphs
$ 139 .99 USD
($380.00 Value)
$380.00 Value
Exclusive Pack
Kerata Prime Syandana
Khora Prime Larqum Helmet
Interalpha Prime Narta
90 Day Resource Booster
90 Day Affinity Booster
($110.00 Value)
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Disclaimer: The Prime Access Program can not be combined with any other offer or coupon. Prime Access packages can only be purchased once but are upgradeable. Items can not be substituted, discounted, or transferred. Read more about Prime Access here

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