Warframe on PlayStation Turns 3!

Everyone loves birthdays – so what did you get us?

While you’ve been busy playing over 620,887,222 missions (that’s 35,858,947 in-game hours, or over 4000 years!), we’ve whipped up a few things to show our thanks.

- New Excalibur Obsidian Noggle
- Third Year Anniversary Sigil
- PS4 Colour Picker

Make sure you log in to Warframe before November 30 at 2pm ET to claim them!

See what else you’ve been up to:

- Total enemies killed: 64,499,555,420 (over 5,856,000,000 of those were Moas!)
- Total accounts created: 7,535,340
- Top 3 created Warframes: Rhino, Oberon, Valkyr
- Top 3 crafted Weapons: Boltor, Karak, Grakata

Thank you so much for the amazing 3 years. Here’s to many more!