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PS4™ Quick Start Guide

Along with the in-game tutorials, these guides are here to help you navigate Warframe.

Choosing Your Warframe

At the end of the in-game Warframe tutorial, you will be instructed to select one of three Warframes. Your Warframe functions as a kind of exo-armor suit that protects you from enemies and provides you with unique powers. The Warframe you choose will greatly impact your first missions, so choose wisely! Not to worry, this selection is not final. In time you will be able to construct or purchase additional Warframes to master!

Excalibur is a Warframe with a balanced set of powers. Use Slash Dash to violently lead the charge into battle and follow up with Radial Blind to stun any survivors. Super Jump can be used to quickly cover ground and scout ahead of your squad. When executed, Radial Javelin will skewer any enemies foolish enough to be in the deadly range of an Excalibur Warframe.

Loki initially appears to lack offensive capabilities, but creative use of his powers can decisively turn the tide of any battle. Loki’s Decoy power confuses enemies and distracts them with a holographic image, leaving you in the perfect attack position. Invisibility allows Loki to vanish from sight, opening up the possibility of any ambush you can think of. Switch Teleport enables you to switch places with a targeted team mate or enemy, allowing you to manipulate your position in battle. Finally, Radial Disarm will cause enemy weapons to malfunction, turning a near defeat into a victory in the blink of an eye.

With full command of surrounding magnetic energy, Mag is an expert at energy manipulation. Use Pull to drag enemies out of cover, or allies to safety. Shield Polarize can drain an enemies shields, softening them up for an assault, or it can replenish the shields of your friends when they need help. Hitting an enemy with Bullet Attractor will make any nearby bullets home in on the target; even those fired by other enemies! Mag's ultimate ability lives up to its name: Crush will lift nearby enemies into the air and deal massive damage as they're crushed by gravitational forces.

These robust Warframes will serve you well during your exploits and are capable of completing any mission. Remember you can still choose other Warframes to test out other play-styles and experiment with new powers.

Your First Mission

Your first mission is at the Terminus node on Mercury. That will be the only mission available to you until you successfully complete it. The Lotus' introduction will have taken you directly to the Mercury system, but Mercury can be manually selected by Left-Clicking it as it orbits around the sun on your star map.

As you complete more missions, you will eventually unlock new regions of space to explore. Select Mercury to open the planetary mission map. Missions you have yet to complete are displayed as blue nodes, while completed missions you should try again are shown as white. Locked missions will display a small lock on the node and cannot be selected.

In Warframe, you progress through the Star Map by completing missions. Missions are where the action occurs: you will battle enemies and collect resources, credits, and affinity for your equipment. Your progress will be blocked by powerful individuals, and they will need to be dealt with to continue to even more perilous missions.

Changing your Mission Status

By default, your mission status will be Online, which means other players will be able to join your missions to assist you, and you can also drop into other people's missions and help them out. You can change your mission status by clicking the large blue button in the top-middle portion of the screen. Setting it to Private will allow only individuals on your friends list to join, setting it to Invite Only will only allow players you invite to join your match, and Solo will prohibit all players from joining your match. You can change your Status at any time while you are on the Star Map; however, we suggest playing online to meet new friends and play off of your squad’s other powers!

Mission Interface

1: The Lotus will contact your periodically throughout your mission. Listen to her; it could save your life!

2: The Minimap will help you navigate the locales your missions take place in. Follow the red objective symbol- it will lead you to your mission objective. Teammates will appear as a blue lotus symbol on the map. Remember, sticking together will give you the best experience!

3: Your Warframe Readout will display the vital information needed to stay alive. Your Shields, displayed as the large blue number, will regenerate over time. Once your shields are gone, you'll lose health, which is shown as the large red number. The green bar shows the stamina at your disposal for advanced movement techniques such as wallrunning. The current rank of the Warframe is indicated by the number next to the Warframe name. The current level of experience is represented by the white bar, the bar is filled the closer the Warframe is to being ranked up.

4: The Weapon Readout shows the important information about your equipped weapon. Like the Warframe Readout, the current rank of the weapon is indicated by the number next to the weapon name. The current level of experience is represented by the white bar, the bar is filled the closer the weapon is to being ranked up. Watch the maximum ammo count on the right and replenish it with various pickups you'll find during the mission.

5: Your Warframe's Abilities will be displayed here. The currently selected ability will be highlighted blue. Other abilities will be white, or grey if you lack the energy to activate them.

6: When the chat window is visible, you can use these tabs to cycle through the Squad(speech bubble), Friend, and Clan(shield icon) chat windows.

7: Use the Chat Box to communicate with the other players in the mission and to keep track of who has connected or disconnected.

8: If your targeting reticule is pointed at an enemy, you can see their Health and Description. If an enemy's health is blue, they possess a regenerating shield like your Warframe!

9: Challenges will appear during your missions. If you manage to complete the challenge, you will earn bonus affinity for your Warframe!

10: Context Actions will be a common sight on missions. Storage containers can be obtained to reveal credits and foundry materials, computers can be hacked, and more.

11: Occasionally you may find Mods in your missions that you can use to upgrade your Warframe and Weapons. When you pick one up, it will appear here, with a description of its effects.

Gamepad Controls

1: Use the left joystick to move your Warframe.

2: You can toggle sprinting by holding down the left joystick.

3: The camera is controlled by moving the right joystick.

4: Like all other buttons, you can bind an action to R3, but by default it performs no action.

5: Pressing the X button will cause your Warframe to jump.

6: The O button lets you perform context actions, such as opening storage lockers, or reviving players.

7: Press ☐ to reload your currently equipped weapon.

8: Press the △ button to switch between your pistol and your Long Gun.

9: Pressing Up on the D-Pad will allow you to block with your melee weapon

10: Press L1 while running to perform a slide.

11: Hold L2 to take aim and zoom in with your current weapon

12: The R1 button will cause you to attack with your melee weapon.

13: Press R2 to fire your current weapon.

14: The touchpad allows you to use your Warframe's abilities. Swipe Up to cast your first ability, Down for your second, Left for your third, and Right for your ultimate ability.

Falling in Battle

If your health is reduced to zero, you will become injured and fall to the ground. While injured, you won't be able to use any of your abilities and your Long Gun and melee weapon will be unavailable. You can still defend yourself with your pistol, but this may not always be the best idea as enemies can still attack and hasten your bleed-out rate. Sometimes it's best to lay low until help can arrive. If your teammates can't reach you before time runs out, you will become incapacitated. If you teammates fall in battle their icon will be replaced by a red cross icon in your mini map, and their name will draw through obstacles in red, which will aid you their rescue! When incapacitated, you can no longer participate in the mission (although you can spectate and chat with your teammates still). Luckily, all Warframes possess the amazing ability to revive themselves in the midst of a mission; you can use this ability to return to the fight and help your friends!

Each Warframe has the power to self-revive 4 times every 24 hours. If you run out of revives, you can wait until the next day for them to automatically recharge or consume Platinum to receive them right away. If you choose not to revive in a mission, your Warframe is not destroyed and will still survive to play other missions. Learning when to use revives and when it’s worth simply forfeiting a mission is all part of playing Warframe!

Completing your mission

Your first mission is categorized as Exterminate; your objective is to fight your way through the enemy ship, eliminating anybody you find. You arrive on the ship undetected and, if you wish, can attempt to remain hidden. Conducting a mission in hidden “stealth” mode is difficult but not impossible. Once an enemy detects you, they will attempt notify the rest of the area using a security console. Don't worry if they succeed in alerting their allies: Warframes are designed for battle.

With your objective complete, you need to reach the extraction point and escape. Follow the new objective marker on your minimap to reach the extraction point safely. Once half the players have reached the extraction point will trigger an Extraction Timer, triggering the 60 second countdown before the ship leaves. Don't leave your teammates behind! Warframes that can't reach the extraction point in time are not eligible to receive credits from completing the mission.

The Market

You've successfully completed your first mission in Warframe, but what now? Using the credits you've collected, you can purchase new equipment in the Market to better prepare yourself for the more dangerous missions that await you. On the Star Map, click the Market button on the top of the screen to access the marketplace.

All players will begin their journey with 50 Platinum. This valuable currency can purchase equipment that greatly increases your strength. You can use it to acquire a rare Orokin Catalyst or Reactor, which supercharges your equipment and unlocks its maximum potential. You could also try an Affinity Booster which doubles the rate your equipment ranks up for 72 hours. Platinum can be used to expand the amount of space available for you to Store Weapons and Warframes, and is also used to recharge your Warframe's ability to Revive itself. Platinum cannot be found during missions, so think carefully before you spend it. You can click the Buy Platinum heading to open your internet browser and purchase additional Platinum to help you in Warframe.

With the completion of a successful mission and some new equipment in your possession, your journey in Warframe is just beginning. If you find you need further assistance, don’t be afraid to ask your fellow players for help and post on the forums!