Night Divides
The Day

Balance two forms - become like day, increasing the ability strength of allies and destroying enemies in waves. Let night take hold, command enemies to sleep and heal your allies in need.


Movement Redefined

New movement reshapes every battlefield. With BulletJump, you can quickly move down enemy corridors, leap past enemy defenses, or clear wide chasms - all with a single smooth motion no matter what melee weapon you bring into the field.


Death Soars

You will master every phase of movement - an airborne Warframe now harnesses a new technique with lethal results. With the addition of AimGliding, you can go on the offensive even while moving through the air. Pick off enemies from any direction while moving in a controlled glide, reducing enemy accuracy while delivering punishment from afar.


Move Like
Never Before

You must learn to master every angle. Leap around corners, over obstacles and above enemies with DoubleJump, or scale any surface quickly with WallDash. Use WallLatch to grasp onto walls and plan your next attack, or ambush from high above. Conquer enemy strongholds with unprecedented freedom and creativity.


The Conclave Evolves

New daily challenges wait to be claimed - the rewards of Teshin's knowledge have never been greater.


A New Breed Howls

Send off your Chesa Kubrow to disarm adversaries and retrieve the spoils of battle. Adorn your faithful companions in the armor they deserve.


The Deep Dark

Deep beneath the oceans, Tyl Regor's genetic laboratories are perfecting a new breed of Grineer. Find these facilities and shut them down before these experimental killers can be unleashed on the System. Switching to Archwing mode and back mid-mission will be key to your success.